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Vivastreet Re-evaluated

Recently, fired up with the desire to stop being so complacent and relying entirely on Adultwork for bookings, I resolved to put real effort into my personal website, look for as many free directories as possible and spend a bit of cash on other advertising. I considered anywhere I thought I could effectively market myself as an independent mature escort.

I’ve talked about Vivastreet before, and how my experiences haven’t been great. In spite of the fact that they rank very high on just about any escort-related Google search, and in spite of their fantastic customer service, the relatively high cost of advertising with them hasn’t generally paid off for me in the past. This has been because, while the phone would certainly ring, the vast majority of callers were from generally undesirable fellows.

But, curious to see if linking a well-made website would make a difference, I put an advert on Vivastreet a couple of weeks ago. I bypassed most of the expensive upsells like the VIP carousel, featuring, and automatic reposting, but did spend a bit extra to be able to move my location for touring and being able to link to my website. It cost just over £100 for the month – a relatively large investment compared to many other directories and Adultwork, but it would only take one booking to be paid for.

As previously, things didn’t get off to a great start. The phone began to ring immediately but they were almost all men that I didn’t want to see: asking daft questions, using crude language, asking me for services that I don’t provide. However, I did get one hour booking from it that first week and so I didn’t lose money on it.

After a week or so, the phone stopped ringing as much as my advert dropped down the page, beneath all the featured profiles and beneath the more recently-added non-featured profiles. And then, just this week, something strange happened: I started getting high-quality inquiries and bookings. February is a notoriously slow month in this industry and if I’d been relying entirely on Adultwork I would have been unhappy. But every day this week I have had one or two good hour-long bookings with very nice men who had read my entire profile and sometimes even clicked through and read every word of my website and blog!

As I’ve said before in my advice post, “How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck” taking a bit of time selecting the right escort can make the difference between a fantastic experience and a bitterly-regretted waste of money. I find the experience more enjoyable on my end, as well, because I’m more likely to meet the client’s expectations and we’re both more relaxed.

I’m not sure why suddenly Vivastreet has been working for me. Is it just a fluke? Or is it because I’ve linked my website and it’s attracting the more discerning client? Perhaps it is because I’m now buried about three pages down and only the clients determined to book an independent mature escort would find my phone number.

I asked my clients this week how they used Vivastreet and why they selected me. All of them said that they had used the search feature to narrow down the selection to find specifically an independent mature escort. Obviously, these were all gentlemen who booked me, so that makes sense. But when I am featured and displayed on the front page to those who don’t search, then I get a lot of calls from men who don’t seem appropriate for me.

I know that Vivastreet works hard to market the website – even going so far as to launch a controversial campaign with mobile billboards and bus stop posters. This put them out there in the “real world” – catching the eyes of men who might otherwise have never thought to look for an escort. Meanwhile, Adultwork tends to be very far down in the search engine rankings, buried many pages deep if you come across them at all. I sometimes wonder how clients even learn of Adultwork’s existence – perhaps through blogs like this one or on escorts’ twitter accounts? This does mean that Vivastreet is appealing to a more naive sort of punter, some of whom seem to have very little idea of how any of this works. But, perhaps that’s preferable to the very jaded punter “hobbyists” who think they know everything!

mobile billboard for independent mature escort on Vivastreet
A Vivastreet mobile billboard. Similar bus stop posters and taxi cab wraps were controversial when a feminist group complained. Because they know what’s best for us.

Vivastreet also reaches out to escorts directly – they have a representative who posts to the main UK escorts forum, answering questions and taking on our feedback. A few months ago, some of us complained that our adverts were getting buried by the agency profiles and Vivastreet separated them so that clients could look at one or the other category. And they have very good customer service: whenever there’s been an issue with one of my adverts, a phone call usually sorts it straight away. This is a stark contrast to Adultwork, who are aloof and anonymous and sometimes downright unhelpful.

I’m really encouraged by this and I am going to continue advertising with Vivastreet for the foreseeable future. I think it has become an excellent advertising medium for the independent mature escort.


2 thoughts on “Vivastreet Re-evaluated”

  1. Kim,

    Amazing website. I by some chance happened onto your profile on AW and picked up the link. As a potential client, it is interesting to read about the person you are going to meet and that the person is real…has a life. Although I am not your catchment I am really impressed with what you have achieved.
    P.S. I am Asian and am grateful for your

    1. Thanks, Pas! That’s really sweet of you to say so.

      I do travel all around Britain so perhaps our paths will meet at some point! xx

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