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Kimberly C: American Escort in England touring London, Oxford, Glasgow, Aberdeen and more!
Kimberly C: American Escort in England touring London, Oxford, Glasgow, Aberdeen and more!

I haven’t blogged here as much recently. Part of the reason was that I took it easy over the summer but the main reason is that I have begun writing for the Vivastreet Blog, two posts a month, and that has sapped a fair amount of my patience for sitting at a laptop and writing about escorting! And I have also started working with Vivastreet on an escort podcast, which also requires a bit of preparation.

I feel a bit stilted and silly writing the Vivastreet blogs because I have been giving sort of general advice to escorts and, although I guess I secretly love to give advice, I am aware that my advice probably isn’t suitable for everyone. I only know what works for me and the way I work – there are lots of different ways to work and something I may never consider doing could be just perfect for someone else. But, I write what I believe to be true for myself and my escorting friends.

But for my escort podcast with Vivastreet, I’m trying to focus more on information for clients. Vivastreet’s marketing director and I get together on Skype and talk about different topics. I reprised my blog post on Visiting an Escort in a Hotel and I thought it came off rather well. Then, we recorded some tips based on my post How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck: Tips on Booking An Independent Escort . This time, we sorted out some of the audio quality issues. If you’d like to hear it (and hear my grating American accent) you can listen to it here:

Apparently, it’s also on iTunes where one can subscribe. I don’t know why anyone would want to subscribe to hearing me babble but there you go.

I’ve noticed that at the start of the podcast, Damian plugs Vivastreet’s new video feature for escort’s profiles. That is something I am going to have to get done – just as soon as I get a chance to have someone hold the camera for me! I’ve looked at the videos on other profiles and I’m a bit intimidated… most of them are of girls caressing their boobs and looking lasciviously at the camera and I’m not sure I can do that. But I will think of something – perhaps a quick “about me” introduction video… with or without breast caressing.

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