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How I Came To Be a Touring Escort

As I said on my touring schedule page, I frequently travel to other cities. I enjoy seeing more of Britain, even though being there on “business” is a bit different than going as a tourist. Plus, to be frank, it’s good to be a fresh face in a new town. Gentlemen love variety!

I was curious about touring: as an American who has lived in the UK for ten years, there is still an awful lot of Britain I haven’t seen. I have a (probably childish) enthusiasm for hotels, with their room service and housekeeping, and I have a general craving for novelty. As much fun as I have providing incalls in my Manchester City Centre flat, I wanted a change of scenery!

My first tour was to London, in January of 2015. I was so nervous about going somewhere new, but all of my touring girlfriends assured me that a particular hotel next to Euston train station was dead easy to work from. (Picking a good, “workable” hotel is very important for a touring girl as I wrote about in my post about visiting an escort in a hotel.) I felt very out-of-sorts when I arrived, but the phone started to ring and the bookings began to pour in so I was soon in the swing of things. I made more money in three days than I’d ever made in a week and I was hooked. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the busier I am, the more energy I have.

On that visit, I met a lovely client who told me about another hotel in the City of London that he said was very popular with working girls. So, I resolved to try it out as soon as possible. I went only a few weeks later and had one the best weeks of my working life. I still struggled, however, with being in an unfamiliar room – this wasn’t helped by the fact that they’d placed me in a room in the interior of the building with practically no phone signal. That was a valuable lesson learnt, and one my friend Amy Vergnes reiterated: don’t even unpack your bag until you’ve checked that everything about the room – particularly the phone signal – is all ticketyboo.

Escort in City of London, Mature Escort, MILF escort,
Can you guess why this is my favourite building, ever?

I soon learned that the City of London is just the place for me. The City is chockablock with highly-paid, highly-stressed men in a hurry. I’ve discovered that some men deal with stress through sex. If a woman gets chewed out by her boss, she wants wine and Netflix and sex is probably the last thing on her mind. But men will often deal with it by draining their balls at the next available opportunity. I was initially apprehensive about the sort of man I’d meet in the City. I guess I thought I’d meet narcissistic twats but instead I met primarily normal, decent, mild-mannered middle-class men who commute from Surrey. Oh, yes! More, please!

City of London Tour Incalls Escort
I have yet to meet one of these in the City of London.

One of the great things about London is that it is so vast that you can visit every month and, by visiting different parts of the city, never quite overfish the waters. On subsequent visits I explored bits over towards the West end of things. I tried a location next to Lancaster Gate Tube, but that wasn’t a very successful week for me. I tried another week in South Kensington but that didn’t go any better. And I found things a bit more dull in terms of the neighbourhoods. I also tried my hand at Heathrow and that is not for me, at all. While there were some lovely exceptions, most of the men who called me weren’t the sort that I’d like to be alone with.

Other than London, my favourite place by far has been Oxford. Apparently, there is a dearth of good escorts in Oxford, probably due to the cost of housing, and so I am very busy when I visit. And it’s just a lovely place to visit. The first two times, I stayed at a sprawling resort-style hotel right by the Thames, surrounded by pastures. I had a view of a field of horses and a small duck pond right outside my window, which made for a rather interesting view during sex! And I enjoyed using the hotel pool, running along the river, and being able to walk up to the lovely Head of the River pub. However, the hotel is on the wrong side of the town centre for gents approaching from the A40 and they struggled with the traffic. So, in December I tried another hotel – a lovely place – up closer to the A40. I think I’ll continue to go to that side of town in the future. I hope to tour Oxford again this spring.

Pub Oxford Escort Incalls Tour
A lovely place to take a break on a sunny afternoon.

I have also gone to Glasgow three times in the past year. I used to live in Scotland, in a suburb of Glasgow, and it was wonderful to go back. The first time I stayed in a nice hotel next to Glasgow Central train station. The second two times, I went with a friend of mine and we shared a serviced apartment. I loved touring with my friend. Not only was it nice to have someone to talk to between bookings, I felt much safer working into the evening with her there. I know some men are nervous about visiting a girl if there is someone else there with them, but I warned them all in advance and assured them that while there was another girl, they would not encounter any other men. They all seemed fine with it. However, the apartments we used are managed by a very shady outfit and the flats, themselves, were pretty grim. I mean, they looked OK to the casual visitor but there were issues with the intercoms, with the heat, there was no wifi, and we even had to be moved because one of their flats had no hot water. My friend recently returned on her own and arrived to discover they’d lost her reservation and she still hasn’t gotten a refund on her deposit. We have resolved never to return those particular flats but I’m not sure where else we will go if we want to share a two-bedroom. We shall see! (In the meantime, she and I are going to visit Essex together in early March.)

Glasgow tour, independent escort in Glasgow, MILF, Mature escort
Glasgow is a great town for escorts.

Other places I have visited have included Liverpool, York, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Basingstoke, Huddersfield, and Bristol. Of all of those, I want to return to Bristol most. I found it a lovely city and I liked the people I met there. However, it’s quite a distance away and I’m not sure when I’ll get down there. I may combine it with a pleasure trip to see a gig and justify it that way. Hopefully this summer.

I’ve grown to love touring, even though I still have a lot to learn. For example: I could get a lot better at packing. In spite of having a massive Samsonite packed to bursting, I still wish I had more space for all my toys and sexy lingerie. Add to that the need for some “civilian clothes” and my ever-growing collection of sex toys, and it’s quite a challenge!

You can see my upcoming tour schedule here, and if you would like to be alerted to any upcoming tours, as well as any new blog posts, you can subscribe to updates in the subscription box over there on the left. I promise not to spam you, other than alerting you to new tours and blog posts. I would never text or call a client out of the blue, but this is a way of letting you know when I’m in town.

Mature Escort in London, Independent Escort in Glasgow, American escort in Oxford,
Bags packed – full of toys and sexy lingerie!

(This is the personal website of Manchester Independent Escort Kimberly C, a mature American MILF based in Manchester who also tours such UK cities as London, Glasgow, and Oxford.)