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How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck: Tips on Booking An Independent Escort

So you are thinking about booking an independent escorrt and you want to maximize your chances of having a fantastic, horny time. It’s best to put a little bit of thought into it, as this is not an insignificant amount of money to pay for a transitory experience. The following advice isn’t advice on how to make an escort happy; it’s intended to help you ensure the best experience possible.

Finding an Independent Escort

Before booking an independent escort, first you must do a bit of research and find a lady you would like to see. There are several ways of finding escorts – the most popular way being on the Internet. Back in the dark ages, girls had to advertise with three or four coyly-worded lines in the back of local newspapers, or pay someone to run around town putting their “tart cards” up in phone boxes. (Remember those? I hear there are still a few festooned phone boxes in Central London. When I first visited London on holiday many years ago I was fascinated).

tart cards in phone box, horny MILF, London, Escort
Tart cards: they seemed downright exotic to me when I visited London years ago.

These days, it is so much easier to get a lot of information on a great many women, immediately. Try Googling the exact search terms you want: “Mature Independent Escort Manchester” for example, or “MILF escort London.” Doing so will return a great many directories, and those are fine places to start. You will also find some personal websites like this one, and those are well worth exploring because an escort with a personal website is more likely to be professional and independent.

Punterlink is a directory of escorts who all have their own website – you can refine by region and look galleries that link directly to personal websites.

If you are looking at a directory, such as Adultwork, Select-An-Escort, The Oldest Profession, or My-Local-Escorts, then you may have to do a bit of refined searching. Most directories will let you narrow down by age, location, physical features and sometimes even services and price.

Things to look out for:

  1. Is the escort’s profile or website recently updated? Some directories have indications of when the profile was last updated or when that escort last logged in. If it’s her personal site, look to see how recently she has updated her blog (if she has one) or if her gallery indicates the dates of the photos. If there doesn’t appear to be fresh content on her website, then she may not be taking it very seriously. It’s not uncommon for an independent escort to create a website but not put the work into it it takes for it to pay off and so it may languish. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she is no longer available, only that her rates and photos may not be up-to-date.
  2. Does the profile appear to be a genuine one? Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there and not everyone who advertises as an escort is genuine. This is where the UK directory Adultwork comes in handy: the providers accrue feedback from clients. A girl who has a lot of positive feedback on her profile is probably sincere. A regularly updated website would also indicate sincerity.
  3. Does this escort appear to be truly independent? While you may not mind seeing a girl who works via an agency, chances are you would object to seeing someone who is trafficked or coerced. You want to be sure that this escort has full autonomy over her work – if not because you are a decent human being, at least because sex is more fun with someone who is enthusiastic and happy. Watch out for profiles written in poor English, using the same wording in multiple profiles. Even if the girls are perfectly happy hookers, there’s a chance of bait-and-switch, as whoever is running their “ring” is moving girls around, switching them out arbitrarily. You may arrive to meet an entirely different woman than the one in the photos! If you have any doubts, don’t book without speaking on the phone: if your calls aren’t picked up and only answered with a text saying “text me baby” that may be because whoever is handling the calls is a man.
  4. Do the photos look genuine? Basically, are they too good to be true? There are some stunning escorts who use professional photographers but most of them will also mix in a few selfies and amateur pics. They will also often watermark their photos to prevent theft and use by scam artists. The risk with wall-to-wall glossy perfection is that either that girl isn’t who you will be meeting or those photos are years out of date.
sexy secretary, MILF secretary, Mature Manchester Escorrt
Even I have glossy studio shots. Sure, that’s me… two and a half years ago! My gallery has plenty of recent amateur photos.

While you’re doing this sort of due diligence, you should be reading their entire profile – if it’s a personal website, you should at least look at what she has to say about her services, her availability, and her rates. If there’s a “FAQ” or “etiquette” page then be sure to read them! Wouldn’t it be a disappointment to discover only after paying that the lady you are seeing has absolutely zero interest in anal play?

Contacting an Independent Escort

OK, so you’ve selected an escort you’d like to meet and now it is time to make contact. Every escort is different in terms of how she likes to set up bookings. Some only want to be emailed in advance, some like phone calls on the day, and some are pretty flexible about things and will reply to texts, answer the phone if they’re working, and answer emails about advanced bookings. Her profile or website ought to make it clear which she prefers. If you absolutely want to drive a lady around the bend, send her an email asking about her availability in an hour. Any escort who takes short-notice bookings will prefer to be called or even texted.

When you contact an escort, be polite and to-the-point. As I wrote in my blog about How To Book An Escort Via SMS Text, we like it when the client politely gets to the point. Addressing us by name is always a winner, as it indicates that you are not simply feverishly contacting every number you can find in hopes of finding something, anything, to stick your dick in. Ask specific questions, preferably those that have a yes-or-no answer. “What is your availability like today?” may seem innocuous enough but wouldn’t it make more sense to ask if she is specifically available at 3pm or in the early evening?

It’s a great idea to call an escort first, just to get a feel for her (and her for you.) You can tell so much about someone by the tone of their voice. I personally try to discern if a gentleman sounds happy and comfortable with what they are doing.

booking an independent manchester escort by telephone
Try smiling when you speak – it really does make you sound friendly!

If you are going to call an escort on the phone, then do so from a location where you can talk naturally and confidently. Crouching down in your office cubicle and whispering is going to make you sound like a creepy pervert. While you may feel as if you are very horny and very naughty and getting up to some dirty, kinky shit, it’s best to speak in a friendly, neutral tone of voice. How would you speak if you were calling any other service provider, like a decorator or a joiner? Just as you wouldn’t start off by purring “Well, helloooo darling!” to book your car in for an MOT, you don’t need to talk that way to an escort – at least not yet, on the phone. If the escort you want to see markets herself as “high class” or uses words like “courtesan” or “discreet paid companionship” then she’s probably not going to be happy with “Hiyuh, babe. Yalright?” (But that is still preferable to purring any day of the week.) The more purring and flattering you do, the more of a timewaster you are going to sound like.

Having read her entire profile or the salient bits of her personal website, then you don’t need to ask a lot of redundant questions. I understand that you may be nervous and so you will probably ask things that are on her profile. I try to be patient when I get that, but I personally have a “three question rule.” That is, I am willing to answer about three questions before I decide that I am speaking to a timewaster. By the way, the biggest indicator that I’m speaking to one of these quizzical timewasters is they ask me if they can ask me a question. “Can I just ask you a few questions?” *sigh*

Greet her by name, ask her how she’s doing, and then ask her if she is available on the given day. If there is a particular service that you want and she hasn’t specifically mentioned on her profile, NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK. If you would like her to wear lingerie or stockings or something like that, NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK. Asking her after she has made a booking with you, especially after you have agreed on a location and you have her address, is probably going to annoy her. For example, I don’t wear uniforms so when I get a text between the phone call and the booking time asking me, “What uniforms do you have?” my heart sinks. As nervous as you may be when you call, try to have a clear idea of what you want in your mind when you’re arranging the booking and verify all of these things as early in the process as possible. If you ask her on the phone if she’ll give you a prostate exam whilst dressed as a sexy nurse, you’ll be able to gauge from her tone just how enthusiastic she is about doing this.

Meeting an Independent Escort:

OK, so you’ve found an independent escort you like the look of, she sounds friendly on the phone, and you have agreed on a time and place to meet. Fantastic! You’re nearly there!

Now, what can you do on your part to get the best service for your hard-earned cash?

First, be on time. Be sure to check Google Maps so you’ll know where you’re going. Maybe check Street View to see what the local parking situation looks like. If you get held up at the office or stuck in traffic or lost, then let the escort know about this as soon as possible. She will understand, because we’ve all been there. She may be less understanding if you rock up fifteen minutes late expecting her to be still sitting there in her stockings and lingerie, waiting for your eventual arrival. It’s not a good idea to show up early, though. Sometimes, this can’t be helped. But, when you text her to let her know you’re early, it’s nice to let her know that you are happy to wait. We use the time between or before bookings to eat, ready the bedroom, and make ourselves beautiful. If I’m not ready and I know there’s a gentleman standing outside in the cold, I feel torn between wanting to continue doing what I need to do and letting the poor soul in out of the cold. It’s best to text from your parked car or perhaps a nearby cafe if there is one, assuring her you’re fine until she’s ready. This isn’t because she’s a special pampered princess: you simply don’t want a stressed and harried escort when you’re about to be intimate together.

It should go without saying that you should arrive fresh and clean. However, if you’re coming straight from the office after work, then it’s OK to have a quick shower before the start of the booking. Be sure to wash every nook and cranny, paying special attention to those parts of you that you’d like her to put in her mouth. There are some escorts who will insist that every client shower at the start of the booking. I trust an adult to be an adult about their personal hygiene. If, after the clothes have come off, I find that my trust has been misplaced, then I am not shy about handing a gentleman a fresh towel and directing him into my nice, hot shower.

By the way, some gentlemen worry that the escort might not be fresh. If you have been discerning about whom you see, and she presents herself as a sensible, autonomous woman with self-respect, then you probably shouldn’t insult her by asking her if she has showered. If she has no qualms about poor hygiene, she’ll have no qualms about lying about her hygiene.

Meeting an Independent Escort – First Impressions:

Having arrived on time, smelling fresh, you’re greeted at the door by what is hopefully a smiling vision of loveliness (or slutty filth, if that’s what you’re looking for.) The following advice is obviously for your benefit: if you do not like what you see, then DO NOT HAND OVER ANY CASH. It’s true that you should get the “paperwork” out of the way at the start of the booking, but it’s OK to have a bit of small talk and a chance to look about you/at her before paying. If she is not the woman in the photos, is significantly older or different than how she looked in her photos, has not dressed as you’d been led to expect she would be, her flat is a tip, she got a scowl like a smacked mackerel, or anything feels not right, then don’t go through with it. Things will not improve and you are going to feel like shit about the experience for a long time to come. The way to get out of there with as little hassle as possible is to say “I’m sorry – I’ve left my wallet in the car.” Or, “Oh, gosh… I forgot to get cash from the ATM. Is there one nearby?” Another tactic is, “You know, I am so sorry…I can’t go through with this. I just feel too guilty about cheating on my wife.” The chances are that she’ll know what you’re doing (because she’s probably experienced this before) and I can’t promise that you’ll get away completely hassle-free, but it’s likely there will be no more than a sharp retort or something along those lines and then you are safely out of there. Yes, it will be awkward, but trust me: it will be better than the regret you’ll fee if you had stayed.

escort, incall, booking
“Why didn’t I leave when I had the chance?!”

Paying an Independent Escort – The Paperwork:

But, this is probably going to be a great experience: the woman is hot, the bedroom looks welcoming, and you are raring to go! Then go ahead and hand over the money. Some escorts – primarily those that bill themselves as “high-class courtesans” will ask you to discreetly pass over the “donation” in an envelope at the start of the booking. If that’s how she likes it, then fine. Perhaps you will also feel better about things if the cash aspect isn’t so blatant. But don’t be surprised if an escort opens that envelope up in front of you and counts it right there. Don’t take this personally; chances are she has learned a bitter, valuable lesson from another charming, well-dressed, fresh-smelling man who stiffed her in the past. I, myself, will count the money openly after having been advised to by a client who once had a girl go into the other room and then announce that the envelope had been short twenty pounds. I have to say that I have only found the amount short one time – but on several occasions there was too much, which was promptly returned.

booking an independent escort, Mature independent escort, MILF
Flowers are nice, but cash is all you need to bring

Let The Fun Begin:

Whew! You’ve found an escort you liked, booked her, met her, and you’ve paid her. Now you’re ready for the fun to begin! I can’t advise you on how to get exactly what you want in the bedroom, because everyone is different, but a few general pointers:

  • Respect her boundaries. You should already have a good idea what services she provides, but you may run into a little personal quirk of hers. Perhaps she doesn’t like her neck and ears to be licked. If she flinches or turns away, don’t take it personally. It’s normal for lovers having sex for the first time to have to say, “Oh, that’s not how I like it – I like it like this.” I personally will nicely say, “I’m not crazy about that, but I do like this.” Whatever it is, just go with the flow and respect her boundaries. She’s much more likely to relax and get into the experience if she’s not swerving and batting away hands.
  • Respect that she may need to feel in control of herself. Pinning her to the bed with the full weight of your body can make her nervous. Repeatedly moving her around the bed, manipulating her arms like a mannequin will make her feel like an object and could make her nervous about where this is going. And, while many women enjoy hot sex with their wrists pinned above their heads or a gently squeezing hand on their throat, think how that might come across to an escort who has never met you before. Discuss these things if that is the sort of sex you want, and read her body language.
  • Tell her what you want. If you lie there and let her massage your back all the while thinking, “Well, this isn’t what I paid for” then turn over and tell her that you’d love a bit of oral. If you know that you may orgasm quickly and won’t be able to go again, then let her know that so she doesn’t push you too far, too early. Her intentions may be the best in the world, but if she doesn’t know what you want, she can’t give you the time of your life.
  • The chatting can be as much fun as the sex, but don’t ask a lot of probing, personal questions. She may casually mention her family, but you should not ask her if she is married. It may be obvious that she has been pregnant, but don’t ask about her children. Perhaps you are fascinated by escorts and want to know their life stories. But, asking what other jobs they have, how long they’ve been doing this, why they do this, etc., can be too prying. And of course it is rude to ask anyone how many sexual partners they have had or how much money they earn, so the same goes for escorts.
  • Never forget what this is: a paid service. She may genuinely like having sex with you and think you’re a swell guy, but you are still a client. Getting confused on this point will only lead to heartache for you and annoyance for her. Keep it light, keep it professional, and keep it fun.
how to book an escort, how to get good service from an escort
None of these mannequins are aroused.

I hope that this has been at least somewhat helpful. I know that booking an escort for the first time can be nerve-wracking for the first timer. But if you put just a little bit of time and effort into choosing the right independent escort to see, and use some common sense in person, you should have a very enjoyable experience.

Naturally, I am biased and think that you would be best off booking a mature independent escort, as a MILF should have the maturity and sensibility to provide an enthusiastic, dependable service. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

I hope you’ve found this advice on booking an independent escort helpful.

MILF, Mature Escort, Manchester, Huddersfield
Go ahead and get in contact with that escort- she’s waiting for you!

(This is the personal website of KimberlyC: A mature Manchester escort who is based in Manchester City Centre, and tours to locations like London, Glasgow, Oxford, and more.)

Booking An Escort via SMS Text

Quite a few escorts will not take bookings via text or even reply to texts at all. Adultwork even puts the words “calls from withheld numbers and SMS messages will be ignored” into every profile. Well, that’s a bit presumptuous of Adultwork: while I do ignore withheld numbers, the truth is I am perfectly happy to take bookings via text. I have found that I can screen almost as well via text as I can over the phone. It’s better over the phone because you can get a sense of the personality from the warmth of someone’s voice, but a good text can be almost as useful.

So, what is a good text, then?

Very simple: a good text contains my name, your name, standard English, punctuation, and a direct question about a specific time. For example:

Hello, Kim. Are you available today for an hour’s incall at 2pm? Bill.

It’s that easy! I’m already keen to meet Bill! Now, I may still have a couple of questions for Bill,just to clarify things, but I feel pretty confident that Bill and I are going to get along great.

What if a text has most of the above elements, but not all? For example:

“Hi. Are you available today? Bill”

OK, Bill is still being polite and using standard English with punctuation. He’s even signing his name. However, he is not being specific about what he wants. Also, he isn’t addressing me by name – not necessarily a problem but Bill may have sent out a dozen texts to a dozen different girls, so that when I answer he may reply with, “Which one are you?” Bill might not be sure who he’s booking and then doesn’t remember all the details about my services and rates. Hmmm… Yes, I am available today (or else my phone would be turned off) but now I have to play text ping-pong to find out what time he wants, etc. I am likely to reply to this with:

“Hello, yes. I am available from 12pm until 9pm. What time are you looking for and for how long?”

Now, Bill either replies with a specific time or he doesn’t. If he follows up with:

“Whereabouts are you located?”

I’m going to start to get a bit frustrated. For one thing, all of my advertising is fairly clear on where I am located – because I want to make it easy for Bill! So at this point I will say:

“I’m at **postcode** – please call me if you would like to make a booking.”

I’m done texting Bill. I’m still not convinced that Bill, although capable of using standard English with punctuation, won’t be annoying in person so I’d like to hear his voice before going any further. If Bill is serious about a booking, he will call me.

If I think someone sounds potentially nice but I’m not sure, then I will simply ask them to call me.

Here are some examples – a real ones – of the sort of texts I just ignore:

“u workin?”

“whats ur address?”

“hey babe you available today?”

I have to wonder, does anybody accept bookings from these guys? Who would just give their address to someone they know absolutely nothing about? I suspect the only times those texts work is when someone other than the escort (ie a pimp) is handling her phones for her!

I’m pretty sure that anybody who is bothering to read this would not send texts like that. But you may well benefit from the advice to use: the escort’s name, your own name, punctuation, and direct questions as I’m sure many other escorts are the same as me when it comes to screening.

So, if you want to book an independent escort in a hurry, perhaps from the privacy of your office, with no need for indiscreet phone conversations, keep these tips in mind!

independent escort Manchester London Oxford Glasgow Mature Escort
independent escort Manchester London Oxford Glasgow Mature Escort

The above is a photo of me just overcome with joy at having received a polite, to-the-point text from Bill.

Visiting an Escort in a Hotel

Although I am a Manchester mature escort, I am also a touring escort. When I go on tour I usually stay in clean, comfortable discreet hotels. While you may prefer to visit a girl in the privacy of her own home, this isn’t feasible for touring escorts. Serviced apartments can work in some situations but hotels feel safer for many women touring on their own. (Not to mention the convenience of unlimited bedding and towels!)

Manchester mature escort always selects clean, comfortable hotels for incalls

There are many advantages to visiting a girl who is working from a hotel. For one thing, you can feel confident that there will be a hot, lovely shower with clean towels for you to use. You know that it won’t be some dodgy house or flat with unseen people lurking in the kitchen. Assuming it’s a decent hotel, you can feel safe parking your car and walking to and from your car. Nobody wants a problem in a semi-public space so the odds of something dodgy or dangerous happening are very low.

I know that some gentlemen are uncomfortable visiting an escort in a hotel. There are two main reasons for this:

1. They think that everybody is looking at them and knows what they are doing.
2. They live and work close by and are worried they’ll be seen entering a hotel by someone who knows them.

Reason number 2 is perfectly understandable. If you are seen by someone who knows you entering a hotel on a Tuesday afternoon, they may wonder what you’re doing. Even though you could be there for a meeting or a meal in the restaurant, it could possibly bring up questions if someone else there on business sees you entering the lift to the rooms. You should probably avoid hotels right on your own doorstep.

Reason number 1 isn’t uncommon, but it isn’t really rational. The truth is, nobody really cares what other people are doing unless they are behaving unusually. Walking through a hotel lobby and taking a lift to the rooms is so common that it won’t be noticed by anyone. The employees are busy with their jobs and really aren’t paying attention to people coming and going. If you feel as if they may greet you and offer assistance, then all you have to do is hold your mobile phone up to your ear, pretending to speak to someone, as you stride confidently towards the lifts.

Some people worry about CCTV in hotels. The truth is, nobody is watching. They only go and look if there is a problem, after the fact. To some extent, this may act as a deterrent for people who may wish to make trouble and so escorts feel a bit safer about meeting strangers intimately. But if the hotel is paying attention and has an issue with the activities of consenting adults, then it would be the escort who suffers the brunt of this. Let me put it this way: I and many of my friends have worked from hotel rooms many times and we have never had any issues with management. If I haven’t had any problems, why would you?

Manchester mature escort always has plenty of clean towels
Plenty of clean, fresh towels…

When I say that I am staying in a clean, comfortable, and discreet hotel what I mean is a modern, large, busy hotel. The discretion lies in the anonymity of a big, busy lobby. The most suitable hotels have restaurants, conference centres, possibly even health spas so that lots of people are going in all directions. A quiet little place with nobody in the lobby but the concierge is NOT discreet! Quite the opposite.

That said, there are a few points of etiquette that you may wish to keep in mind:

1. I and every escort I know will ask you to call when you arrive at the hotel from outside the hotel. (Some girls may text the room but I won’t and neither will my friends. We would prefer to speak to you and tell you verbally which room we’re in.) You do not need to speak to the front desk and ask for the escort. Don’t call from the lobby next to the reception desk – always call from outside the hotel, either from the car park or just outside the doors.

2. Be patient when you call for a booking regarding the name of the hotel. We are not going to tell you exactly where we are until we have had a chance to talk to you and make sure that we are a good match for you. Some may ask you to call from a nearby landmark while others will tell you the hotel to go to. But we won’t tell you where we are right off the bat!

If you think you know where we are, don’t lead with a guess. “Hi! I assume you’re at the Excalibur!” Well, maybe I am and maybe I am not. But I don’t want to confirm anything until I have verified that we should meet. Even if I am in the only hotel in town, I am not going to tell you before we’ve established a booking. You don’t win any prizes for guessing correctly so just leave it alone. Trust us! We want you to get to us on time and unflustered so have faith that we will tell you everything you need to know when you need to know it.

And if you are staying in the same hotel… well, you probably shouldn’t say so. I, and many girls I know, would rather avoid another guest in the same hotel. If you suspect a girl is in the same hotel as you, and this doesn’t make YOU uneasy, then just book her without saying anything about where you are. You may be glad you did – discretion works both ways!

– This is the personal website of Kimberly C, a Manchester mature escort who tours to London, Glasgow, Oxford and other UK cities.