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Cleanliness… just something I’ve been thinking about.

I’ve been thinking about cleanliness, lately. And not so much about my client’s hygiene – although I obviously prefer when men are freshly showered, I have a shower they can use if it’s been a hectic day.

I’m talking about myself, and my incall flat. I know that clients sometimes wonder how clean escorts keep themselves, as they imagine we go from man to man with scarcely a break in between. That may be true of some girls in some busy massage parlours or brothels. But an independent escort can set her own schedule. I never book clients back-to-back. Not only is this asking for trouble when people inevitably run late or show up early, but it also doesn’t leave enough time to freshen up, check messages, grab a bite to eat, and generally recharge for the next visitor. I shower before every client because I’m always anxious to be fresh and clean for everyone I meet. Also, I don’t wear perfume, unless I know that the client won’t mind.

I also keep my flat very clean. In particular, I am very careful to have clean linens on my bed. I put a large sheet down on top of the bed, and that sheet goes straight into the laundry afterwards. I run the vacuum regularly, as well as dust and wipe down the bathroom. It really matters to me that my flat is comfortable and clean so that the client can relax and enjoy himself.

I think most good independents are as conscientious as I am, although I have heard the odd horror story about squalid rooms or girls who don’t smell very fresh.

(So, Google searchbot thingies: please note that this Manchester escort keeps her city centre flat in good, clean nick and that this independent escort doing incalls and outcalls in Manchester is always squeaky-clean and fresh for every appointment.)