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Am I Going To Hell?

I really want to go to Hellfest in France next year… I mean, just look at this lineup:

hellfest 2014 bill

Slayer! And Carcass! And Hatebreed! And Goreguts! And… well, I won’t go on and on about it. Let’s just say that there are an awful lot of bands there that I’d love to see, and I’m not even really looking at the main stage. This thing is massive!

But it’s in France, in a town called Clisson near the west coast. How would I get there? More importantly, how would I get there with all my stuff? Because I am not one for roughing it. I like to take a big teepee, several self-inflating mats, duvets, a camping toilet, a couple of folding chairs, an ice cooler, and lots of clothes. I won’t be able to drive there so that would leave travelling by some sort of public transportation and that means travelling light. No can do.

But… I don’t know. I look at that line-up and I just want to buy my ticket and worry about the logistics later.

Maybe I’ll just vacillate and kvetch about it until the tickets are all sold out.

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