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My FAQ Expanded No 3: Is There Anything You Don’t Do?

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts in which I expand on questions I am commonly asked by the gentlemen who call to book. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions when you’re about to drop a significant amount of money on a booking with an escort. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Is There Anything You Don’t Do?

A) Well, yes, obviously.

This is a question I am asked with surprising frequency. As I’ve said before, it’s always best to ask direct question when booking an escort. Questions with a “yes” or “no” answer are better than vague, open-ended questions. And I don’t know if there’s a vaguer, more open-ended question than, “What don’t you do?”

Taken literally, the answer to that question is an infinite list of things I don’t do, including levitate, raise the dead, time travel, exceed the speed of light, photosynthesize…

Milf Escort Services
As much as this MILF escort is capable of, flying a F/A Hornet is not a service on offer

Obviously, the caller means things of a sexual nature, but even that is a large list and someone will always surprise me by suggesting something that I have never even considered before. It would take a while to catalog the things that I do not do. Have a look at an escorts description of what she does do and then ask if there is something not covered to your satisfaction there. What I do is enumerated pretty thoroughly on my Services page. You will see that I offer a pretty comprehensive “GFE experience” – so you can expect me to enthusiastically kiss, cuddle, perform oral with or without a condom (OWO), receive oral sex on myself, indulge in some hot protected intercourse, engage in anal play, and share a titillating collection of toys. (Anal sex is available at discretion, so I don’t advertise it as a given.)

I will dabble in some things like role play if the scenario sounds interesting and doesn’t involve something I find off-putting. It’s not really part of my spontaneous, genuine GFE thing so I don’t advertise it. I will also do some mild domination, involving a bit of tie-and-tease, light spanking, or good-humoured humiliation but I also don’t advertise that as I am not a professional dominatrix and I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone.

I don’t like to take the tack of saying, “I don’t do this and I won’t do that” because it sounds sort of negative. But I will go ahead and list a few of the more common things that others escorts may do but I do not.

Probably the major no-no is bareback/unprotected sex. No, I won’t do that. I used to think it went without saying that if I didn’t advertise it as available, then it was not available, but I was naive. Apparently, there are girls who do it on the quiet – perhaps only with regulars or they’ll hint in a booking that it’s an option for extra money. So, I will make it very clear that I will never offer bareback sex no matter how many times you visit me or how much extra money is offered.

Another thing I have tried and not enjoyed was strap-on or “pegging.” I think toys are fun and I enjoy anal play but the three times I’ve tried using a strap-on I found it very awkward and uncomfortable. Also, it can get a bit too messy. I always prepare myself with an anal douche before every booking, but I don’t expect a businessman on his lunch break to have done the same. However, a small vibrator or finger covered in a condom is much easier to deal with and I’m always happy to do that.

Finally, I am not interested in anything that involves receiving pain or humiliation, or being tied up. It’s just not my scene at all.

MILF escort services: kinky tie-and-tease blindfold
I have a nice little satin blindfold… but this sort of thing is well outside of my repertoire!

That’s not an exhaustive list but I think it covers the basics in terms of things that other escorts may do but I do not. There are probably things I haven’t thought of. If you are booking any escort (not just me) and you have a very specific request, check to see what services they offer. If it’s not mentioned in her advertised services, the odds are that she won’t do it, so you should ask when you call to book.

I have noticed that some of the escorts who market themselves as very “high class” don’t really spell out what they do. I’m not sure if they worry they will look cheap for doing so or if they’re simply very flexible and decide on a case-by-case basis what they will do. Since escorting is legal in the UK and we’re adults, I prefer to be as up-front as possible about my services.



My FAQ Expanded No 2: Do You See Black or Asian Men?

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts in which I expand on questions I am commonly asked by the gentlemen who call to book. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions when you’re about to drop a significant amount of money on a booking with an escort. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Do you see black or Asian men?

A) Yes!

It’s not unheard of for an escort to refuse to see clients of a particular race. Sometimes it will be stated on her advertising, and sometimes she won’t advertise it openly but will screen it out during the booking process. I always feel a little sad when a client asks me if I will see him: it must feel pretty crap to have to ask, and to be told “no.”

Invariably, the escort who won’t see black or Asian men will say something like, “I’m not racist: it’s just a personal preference” or “it’s because I’ve had bad experiences.” I can understand that having several bad experiences with men who all share a common characteristic might make you think that eliminating that one common denominator will eliminate the problem. But, I daresay that the majority of bad experiences have happened with white clients, because the majority of clients – like the majority of the population – is white. And yet you never hear of an escort in the UK refusing to see white men!

I don’t want to have bad experiences, either. But for me, the way I avoid them is through my screening. I listen to the men’s voices for warmth in tone and general attitude, I pay close attention to their communications for signs that let me know if they’re respectful. Do they speak politely? Text politely, using standard English? Do they confirm at the time they are supposed to? If I think that someone sounds warm and friendly, and find their communications prompt and polite, then I feel reasonably certain that we are going to have a wonderful time together, regardless of the colour of their skin!

I admit that I struggle sometimes when their accent is very foreign – it can be hard to get an insight into their character when there are a lot of cultural obstacles to communication. There are some cultures that are problematic for sex workers because of issues of misogyny. Also, in some cultures it’s acceptable to haggle prices, which many escorts can find off-putting. For a white British man to haggle is disrespectful, but I have learned that for some others, it is just the way things are done and no disrespect is intended. As a young Asian fellow I met last week told me, after I smilingly insisted on my regular fee, “Hey, you don’t ask, you don’t get!” Can’t blame him for trying! But many escorts would be very annoyed by that and chalk that up to one more bad experience with Asian clients.

Overall, my experiences with all of my clients have been largely very positive. I can honestly say that the few baddies weren’t trouble because of their race, and in retrospect there was always a clue in their booking communications that something was off. I get better and better at discerning who will be a good client.

As for those escorts who won’t see you because of your race – I hope that you won’t take it personally. Not having ever met you, or given you the chance to book, they can’t really be making a personal judgement about you. Just move on and find an escort who is a little more open minded!

Milf Escort Manchester - escorts who see black or Asian men
Manchester Independent Escort

(This is the personal website of Independent Mature Manchester Escort KimberlyC, who entertains gentlemen in Manchester City Centre, as well as in London, Glasgow, Oxford and other UK cities.)

My FAQ Expanded: No. 1 – Are You The Woman in the Photos?

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts in which I expand on questions I am commonly asked by the gentlemen who call to book. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions when you’re about to drop a significant amount of money on a booking with an escort. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Is That Really You in the Photos?

A) Yes!

The question, “Are those really your photos” is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a common one. I believe the reason it is common is that there are, unfortunately, a fair few misleading advertisers out there. The level of deception can be mild (that is to say, Photoshopped or out-of-date photos) or severe (you will never even meet the woman in the photo.) It seems obvious to me that an independent mature escort who has gone to the trouble of creating a promoting a personal website would be serious about following through with quality service. And there’s no way to deliver quality service if your customer feels betrayed upon arrival. I have no desire to be alone with a man who feels that he has been ripped off and deceived. If I waste your time, I waste my own.

KimberlyC: Mature American escort in Manchester with pert little tits
Mature Independent Escort: my more everyday hairstyle. Wild and free and freshly washed!

So, the photos on my website, with the rare and obvious exceptions, are amateur snapshots are taken as selfies with a Selfie-stick or with the help of my tripod and remote-control shutter button. Occasionally, I will have a friend help me out by taking some more elaborate posed shots. I also try to make it clear on my gallery page when these photos were taken, with older photos towards the bottom.

mature escort, OWO escort, independent Manchester Escort, MILF
Mature independent Manchester – The legs are constant. The hairstyle…. not so much

I have had professional studio shots done in the past – the glossy ones that you see in many of my headers were taken by a professional photographer in a studio with lighting and the benefit of professional hair and makeup at the end of 2013. I’ll be honest: I only like these photos because they make my site look more glossy and professional. I would like to have more taken but in the future I will guard against looking too done-up. In real life my hair is not professionally styled! I also recognise the need for some airbrushing with these sorts of photos because the high-resolution of the camera lens, coupled with the studio lighting, means the raw photos are OH MY GOD WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE PORES ON HER NOSE! I am hoping to find a photographer with a good studio who can airbrush the distracting bits without removing the features that give me character, including the crows’ feet around my eyes. I’d like to strike a balance between realistic amateur and glossy professional.

(This is the personal website of Independent MILF Manchester Escort Kimberly C. All content is written by Kimberly C.)