New Phone Number (And Other New Things)

I got a new phone number this week because I got a good deal on a new phone and monthly package. I wanted a phone that could do WiFi calling, which should help when I’m in a location with a poor phone signal.

I was going to transfer my old number over to the new SIM but I realised that perhaps I should go with the new number. For one thing, I like this number better than my old one. It’s easier to read and remember. For another, under my old number I had begun to pick up a lot of dodgy fake directories. I was getting a couple of calls a week from guys who thought that I was in Aberdeen or London. Basically, there are these directories that just scrape our information and photos from another site and post it as if we were actually advertising with them. I may be in Aberdeen the week they grab my photos and so that’s where they will have me listed permanently. Sometimes, this will be completely inaccurate information full of out-of-date rates or services I don’t even offer. I’m not sure why they do it – I guess in order to populate their directory so that it looks like a genuine, going concern. Anyway, this change of number should mean I’ll have shaken them loose for a little while – until they scrape me again in some other city I visit maybe twice a year!

I spent some time today going through this website to update my phone number and while I was at it, I found numerous bits and bobs that were completely outdated. My tour dates and locations were a month behind, I had services and rates that are no longer available, and there were even mentions of my being based in Manchester – something that hasn’t been the case for well over a year.

This website is really only supplementary information – the vast majority of my clients find me via directories like Adultwork and Vivastreet and follow the link to find out more about me. On some directories, this is necessary because they won’t allow us to plainly state what we do and sometimes we can’t even say what we charge! So, having a website is still invaluable – but I do need to remember to keep it all up-to-date!

When I started my website, I was based in one place and wanted to come up on search engines for things like “Mature Manchester Escort” and so I really SEO’d the crap out of this thing. It worked, too – I was getting first-page results on Google by the time I gave up the flat and started to tour exclusively!

I had some old blog posts talking about trying new services. Well, I tried some new services, but I didn’t enjoy all of them. I had to remove a post about cross-dressing services and supplying plus-sized lingerie for men who want it. I can’t carry around an entire costume department with me and so that service has been dropped. Some of the toys in my photos have been culled (and some new ones have been added) so that’s no longer an accurate “menu” of what’s on offer. But it’s still true that I love toys and always have a variety of them with me!

I admit that I haven’t always been great at keeping my tour dates updated. I’m going to try harder to keep on top of that.

I haven’t done a newsletter in a few months and there’s a couple of reasons why. One is laziness, it is true. But another is that I am redefining how I want to work. I currently operate by going on tour for a week and then going home for a week. On my week off, I tend to be completely “off.” I don’t turn on my phone or check email. I focus on my friends and family and my personal life, and spend very little time thinking about work. I initially had an email address on here and anyone who received my newsletter got it from that email address. I was getting long, chatty emails from subscribers and readers wanting to talk about the possibility of a booking sometime in the distant future or just plain wanting to talk about whatever. I realised that I don’t want to read and answer emails when I am not working. I also don’t want to make sexy penpals, period. I have been moving away from any form of communication other than texts and phone calls, and even then I’m only turning on my phone when I am actually working.

One unanticipated problem with the newsletter was that it has attracted a couple of oddballs who think that signing up means that they are guaranteed a booking. It’s awkward to get a long email from someone talking about how much they’re looking forward to meeting me when I sense that they’re not someone I wish to see. I think encouraging some people to invest time and energy into this communication can raise expectations. There’s a lot less room for that sort of problem if everything is limited to a short phone call or text on the day.

So, my newsletter is on a bit of a hiatus for now.

And that brings up another issue: although I list my tour dates in advance, I don’t take bookings in advance. I realise that not all escorts operate this way, and it may seem counterintuitive to clients, but I find that the amount of work involved in advertising in advance yields relatively little results. In other words, there are a lot of men who like to exchange long emails about meeting two months in the future but almost none of them actually show up on the day. I am perfectly happy to hear from gentlemen who find themselves in my neighbourhood with some free time on their hands “right now.” If I’m working, and I don’t have another booking, then I am available at short notice. Conversely, I can’t promise that I won’t come down with strep throat on February 7th when I’m in Barnsley and you can’t promise that your job will send you out of town for a meeting, so it’s really better for both of us if we wait until much closer to the time for us to discuss a booking. For this reason, I will take bookings up to one day in advance.

I will still announce my intended future tour dates, but only so that I can answer the “When are you coming back to ______?” questions I get. I know that some men like to plan in advance, but I can’t guarantee anything beyond one day in the future.

This year, I have resolved to try new places. Right now, I am in Stevenage for the first time. Next week, I will make my first visit to Barnsley. And in March, I will try Stoke-on-Trent. I will still return to my favourite locations, but I want to give some new places the chance to become favourites. I am often contacted by gentlemen who want to know if I would visit their area. Well, I’m always open to suggestions. If you can suggest a few hotels that you know to be popular with touring escorts, then I will definitely consider it. There are some places I can’t go to because there aren’t any suitable hotels (and I almost never work from flats – unless I am sharing with another escort. I haven’t done this in over a year but I can’t say that I never will again.) So, if you get in touch and recommend some good hotels in your area, I will consider it. I can’t promise to come, but I appreciate suggestions!

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