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My FAQ Expanded No 2: Do You See Black or Asian Men?

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts in which I expand on questions I am commonly asked by the gentlemen who call to book. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions when you’re about to drop a significant amount of money on a booking with an escort. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Do you see black or Asian men?

A) Yes!

It’s not unheard of for an escort to refuse to see clients of a particular race. Sometimes it will be stated on her advertising, and sometimes she won’t advertise it openly but will screen it out during the booking process. I always feel a little sad when a client asks me if I will see him: it must feel pretty crap to have to ask, and to be told “no.”

Invariably, the escort who won’t see black or Asian men will say something like, “I’m not racist: it’s just a personal preference” or “it’s because I’ve had bad experiences.” I can understand that having several bad experiences with men who all share a common characteristic might make you think that eliminating that one common denominator will eliminate the problem. But, I daresay that the majority of bad experiences have happened with white clients, because the majority of clients – like the majority of the population – is white. And yet you never hear of an escort in the UK refusing to see white men!

I don’t want to have bad experiences, either. But for me, the way I avoid them is through my screening. I listen to the men’s voices for warmth in tone and general attitude, I pay close attention to their communications for signs that let me know if they’re respectful. Do they speak politely? Text politely, using standard English? Do they confirm at the time they are supposed to? If I think that someone sounds warm and friendly, and find their communications prompt and polite, then I feel reasonably certain that we are going to have a wonderful time together, regardless of the colour of their skin!

I admit that I struggle sometimes when their accent is very foreign – it can be hard to get an insight into their character when there are a lot of cultural obstacles to communication. There are some cultures that are problematic for sex workers because of issues of misogyny. Also, in some cultures it’s acceptable to haggle prices, which many escorts can find off-putting. For a white British man to haggle is disrespectful, but I have learned that for some others, it is just the way things are done and no disrespect is intended. As a young Asian fellow I met last week told me, after I smilingly insisted on my regular fee, “Hey, you don’t ask, you don’t get!” Can’t blame him for trying! But many escorts would be very annoyed by that and chalk that up to one more bad experience with Asian clients.

Overall, my experiences with all of my clients have been largely very positive. I can honestly say that the few baddies weren’t trouble because of their race, and in retrospect there was always a clue in their booking communications that something was off. I get better and better at discerning who will be a good client.

As for those escorts who won’t see you because of your race – I hope that you won’t take it personally. Not having ever met you, or given you the chance to book, they can’t really be making a personal judgement about you. Just move on and find an escort who is a little more open minded!

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