The very fact that you have clicked on this page to read it indicates that you are unlikely to need it! But, you may still find it useful, so here goes:

  • Booking: You can call me or text me or even email me. (Calls are best. Texts are great. Emails may not be answered for several hours.) Please contact me with direct questions expressed in standard English. The fewer open-ended questions, the better. Let me know what you are looking for, what times you would like, and ask any questions you may have about my services early on in the booking process. Asking me while you are en route to me if I have a hot pink gorilla suit to wear is going to result in frustration for both of us.
  • Hygiene: I am scrupulous about being freshly showered for every booking, and I expect the same from you. That is why I have a lovely hot shower and plenty of clean towels for you if you need to freshen up on arrival. Please be sure that every bit of you that you want me to put in my mouth has been thoroughly and recently washed.
  • Punctuality: I respect your time and I pride myself on always being ready on time. You will not find yourself standing around outside my building waiting for me to answer your phone call. By the same token, please respect my time. If you are running late please let me know as soon as possible.
  • Payment: Please pay for the booking with cash promptly on arrival. Some gentlemen prefer to put the money into a discreet envelope but I assure you that this is not necessary for my own feelings. I am not some coy “courtesan.” We’re adults who are comfortable with our transaction and the sooner the paperwork is out of the way the sooner we can get down to the naughty fun stuff.
  • During the booking: I provide a sensual, affectionate girlfriend experience. While this doesn’t mean “vanilla” it does mean that we are going to behave as two people who respect and care about one another. I bristle at dirty talk that crosses the line into verbal abuse and I don’t like it when someone treats me as an ambulatory assemblage of orifices. This is just an aspect of my personality and ego, and not a judgement on your own preferences; I’m simply saying that if you are not prepared to be kind and respectful during the booking you may be disappointed in your experience.
  • Discretion: I will never call or text you out of the blue or approach you in public. I will not ask questions about your personal life beyond the most general conversation. I will not arrive at your hotel dressed in a manner to call attention to myself or in any way embarrass you. Please use the same consideration for my privacy. (Obviously you can call or text me whenever you like! But don’t ask me to save your number and call you when I’m next in town as I simply do not maintain any sort of calling list – it’s just not how I operate.)

Hopefully these aren’t too onerous for you. This isn’t to make you jump through hoops, but only to make it easier for us to connect. I think it’s pretty standard stuff for any independent escort, and common sense for the sort of men I like to meet.

Mature American Escort in England… visiting a city near you soon!