New Phone Number (And Other New Things)

I got a new phone number this week because I got a good deal on a new phone and monthly package. I wanted a phone that could do WiFi calling, which should help when I’m in a location with a poor phone signal.

I was going to transfer my old number over to the new SIM but I realised that perhaps I should go with the new number. For one thing, I like this number better than my old one. It’s easier to read and remember. For another, under my old number I had begun to pick up a lot of dodgy fake directories. I was getting a couple of calls a week from guys who thought that I was in Aberdeen or London. Basically, there are these directories that just scrape our information and photos from another site and post it as if we were actually advertising with them. I may be in Aberdeen the week they grab my photos and so that’s where they will have me listed permanently. Sometimes, this will be completely inaccurate information full of out-of-date rates or services I don’t even offer. I’m not sure why they do it – I guess in order to populate their directory so that it looks like a genuine, going concern. Anyway, this change of number should mean I’ll have shaken them loose for a little while – until they scrape me again in some other city I visit maybe twice a year!

I spent some time today going through this website to update my phone number and while I was at it, I found numerous bits and bobs that were completely outdated. My tour dates and locations were a month behind, I had services and rates that are no longer available, and there were even mentions of my being based in Manchester – something that hasn’t been the case for well over a year.

This website is really only supplementary information – the vast majority of my clients find me via directories like Adultwork and Vivastreet and follow the link to find out more about me. On some directories, this is necessary because they won’t allow us to plainly state what we do and sometimes we can’t even say what we charge! So, having a website is still invaluable – but I do need to remember to keep it all up-to-date!

When I started my website, I was based in one place and wanted to come up on search engines for things like “Mature Manchester Escort” and so I really SEO’d the crap out of this thing. It worked, too – I was getting first-page results on Google by the time I gave up the flat and started to tour exclusively!

I had some old blog posts talking about trying new services. Well, I tried some new services, but I didn’t enjoy all of them. I had to remove a post about cross-dressing services and supplying plus-sized lingerie for men who want it. I can’t carry around an entire costume department with me and so that service has been dropped. Some of the toys in my photos have been culled (and some new ones have been added) so that’s no longer an accurate “menu” of what’s on offer. But it’s still true that I love toys and always have a variety of them with me!

I admit that I haven’t always been great at keeping my tour dates updated. I’m going to try harder to keep on top of that.

I haven’t done a newsletter in a few months and there’s a couple of reasons why. One is laziness, it is true. But another is that I am redefining how I want to work. I currently operate by going on tour for a week and then going home for a week. On my week off, I tend to be completely “off.” I don’t turn on my phone or check email. I focus on my friends and family and my personal life, and spend very little time thinking about work. I initially had an email address on here and anyone who received my newsletter got it from that email address. I was getting long, chatty emails from subscribers and readers wanting to talk about the possibility of a booking sometime in the distant future or just plain wanting to talk about whatever. I realised that I don’t want to read and answer emails when I am not working. I also don’t want to make sexy penpals, period. I have been moving away from any form of communication other than texts and phone calls, and even then I’m only turning on my phone when I am actually working.

One unanticipated problem with the newsletter was that it has attracted a couple of oddballs who think that signing up means that they are guaranteed a booking. It’s awkward to get a long email from someone talking about how much they’re looking forward to meeting me when I sense that they’re not someone I wish to see. I think encouraging some people to invest time and energy into this communication can raise expectations. There’s a lot less room for that sort of problem if everything is limited to a short phone call or text on the day.

So, my newsletter is on a bit of a hiatus for now.

And that brings up another issue: although I list my tour dates in advance, I don’t take bookings in advance. I realise that not all escorts operate this way, and it may seem counterintuitive to clients, but I find that the amount of work involved in advertising in advance yields relatively little results. In other words, there are a lot of men who like to exchange long emails about meeting two months in the future but almost none of them actually show up on the day. I am perfectly happy to hear from gentlemen who find themselves in my neighbourhood with some free time on their hands “right now.” If I’m working, and I don’t have another booking, then I am available at short notice. Conversely, I can’t promise that I won’t come down with strep throat on February 7th when I’m in Barnsley and you can’t promise that your job will send you out of town for a meeting, so it’s really better for both of us if we wait until much closer to the time for us to discuss a booking. For this reason, I will take bookings up to one day in advance.

I will still announce my intended future tour dates, but only so that I can answer the “When are you coming back to ______?” questions I get. I know that some men like to plan in advance, but I can’t guarantee anything beyond one day in the future.

This year, I have resolved to try new places. Right now, I am in Stevenage for the first time. Next week, I will make my first visit to Barnsley. And in March, I will try Stoke-on-Trent. I will still return to my favourite locations, but I want to give some new places the chance to become favourites. I am often contacted by gentlemen who want to know if I would visit their area. Well, I’m always open to suggestions. If you can suggest a few hotels that you know to be popular with touring escorts, then I will definitely consider it. There are some places I can’t go to because there aren’t any suitable hotels (and I almost never work from flats – unless I am sharing with another escort. I haven’t done this in over a year but I can’t say that I never will again.) So, if you get in touch and recommend some good hotels in your area, I will consider it. I can’t promise to come, but I appreciate suggestions!

Massive Big Tour of Scotland!

American Independent Escort in Aberdeen

I’m currently sat in a hotel room in Nottingham – it’s been a fun week but I have come down with the tiniest bit of a sore throat so I’m taking it easy and just resting, today. Since this was my final day in Nottingham, I thought I would spend my time moving various adverts to my next location and updating my touring page.

On Wednesday I’ll be heading up to Glasgow for a few days before continuing on up to Aberdeen. I had a wonderful visit to Aberdeen a couple of months ago and I’m really excited to go back. Then, after a few days at home I’m heading back up, this time for my first visit to Edinburgh! Well, it’s not exactly my first visit to Edinburgh – when I lived in Scotland I had to visit the American consulate there a couple of times. But they were very brief and businesslike visits and I didn’t really get a chance to look about myself. So this is going to be a real treat.

After that, I’ll be back down in England, with a trip to Oxford planned for the first week of December. I’m going to be in Oxford for my birthday! Come and witness me age! 😉

I got a very funny text from a regular this morning asking “Was this you?!”

“Being filmed having sex against the window of their hotel room didn’t stop this couple from getting it on.

Shocked office workers from a nearby tower block couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

The amorous couple were naked and pressed against the glass having a good time in their hotel room, east London.”

Read more:

I laughed because when I toured the City a couple of weeks ago I had actually tweeted this:

No, that wasn’t me. I was only joking around! But I thought it was funny that someone else was clearly bold enough to do it! Loved the response of the hotel’s management who seemed to find it all humorous.


My Mini Getaway to Amsterdam

I made a brief trip to Amsterdam last week. I only had a couple of days and most of the time was spent in wholesome, family-appropriate activities, but I got the chance to nip off to the Red Light District one afternoon. I was just so curious to see what it was like! It was daytime so most of the windows were empty but I have to say that seeing those (lovely) ladies standing there made me glad that I don’t have to deal with timewasters and windup merchants whilst standing on public display in my underwear! Kudos to those girls for having the nerve to do it.

I visited the Museum of Prostitution when I was there. I can’t believe I did this, but I asked if there were any “professional discounts” for actual prostitutes and offered to show them my website as proof. They thought this was very funny and let me in for free!

I thought the museum was excellent. Although it was a bit sensationalist (the S&M dungeon, at least) it really seemed legit and sincere to me. There were model rooms to show what the actual workspaces looked like both in brothels and for the window girls. (The dressing tables cluttered with toiletries seemed particularly authentic to me. That’s how we roll!) The very best bit was the high-definition wall-size screen with a looping video that showed what it was like to have tourists and punters walk by, oggling and haggling.

This guy was the funniest. Kept walking past staring intently and alternating lewd gestures with little waves.
This guy was the funniest. Kept walking past, staring intently and alternating lewd gestures with friendly little waves.

There was a serious bit towards the end – a shrine to the women who have been killed in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

I thought this was a suitable way to remind tourists that prostitutes are real people, often marginalised and sometimes treated with contempt.
I thought this was a suitable way to remind tourists that prostitutes are real people, often marginalised and sometimes treated with contempt.

From what I understand, the window scene is pretty much a tourist rip-off. You get very little for your 50 Euros and it’s a rushed service. There are also brothels and the locals are more likely to visit independent escorts who advertise online in the same way we do here in the UK.

But if you visit, please take the time to check out the museum – it’s well worth the twenty minutes or so it takes to go through it:

I visited a few other museums, as well, including the Rijksmuseum, and the Rembrandt House but most of my time was spent wandering and enjoying the scenery. I was thrilled to discover that the rumours were true: Heineken actually does taste good in Holland! I enjoyed plenty of it while I was there. But that is the last beer I’m having for a while – I’m going to be on a diet for a while and so no more alcohol for me!


Vivastreet Blog and Podcast

Kimberly C: American Escort in England touring London, Oxford, Glasgow, Aberdeen and more!
Kimberly C: American Escort in England touring London, Oxford, Glasgow, Aberdeen and more!

I haven’t blogged here as much recently. Part of the reason was that I took it easy over the summer but the main reason is that I have begun writing for the Vivastreet Blog, two posts a month, and that has sapped a fair amount of my patience for sitting at a laptop and writing about escorting! And I have also started working with Vivastreet on an escort podcast, which also requires a bit of preparation.

I feel a bit stilted and silly writing the Vivastreet blogs because I have been giving sort of general advice to escorts and, although I guess I secretly love to give advice, I am aware that my advice probably isn’t suitable for everyone. I only know what works for me and the way I work – there are lots of different ways to work and something I may never consider doing could be just perfect for someone else. But, I write what I believe to be true for myself and my escorting friends.

But for my escort podcast with Vivastreet, I’m trying to focus more on information for clients. Vivastreet’s marketing director and I get together on Skype and talk about different topics. I reprised my blog post on Visiting an Escort in a Hotel and I thought it came off rather well. Then, we recorded some tips based on my post How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck: Tips on Booking An Independent Escort . This time, we sorted out some of the audio quality issues. If you’d like to hear it (and hear my grating American accent) you can listen to it here:

Apparently, it’s also on iTunes where one can subscribe. I don’t know why anyone would want to subscribe to hearing me babble but there you go.

I’ve noticed that at the start of the podcast, Damian plugs Vivastreet’s new video feature for escort’s profiles. That is something I am going to have to get done – just as soon as I get a chance to have someone hold the camera for me! I’ve looked at the videos on other profiles and I’m a bit intimidated… most of them are of girls caressing their boobs and looking lasciviously at the camera and I’m not sure I can do that. But I will think of something – perhaps a quick “about me” introduction video… with or without breast caressing.

Goodbye, Manchester!


A couple of weeks ago, I gave up my flat in Manchester City Centre and committed to touring full time.

I got notice of my landlord’s intent to sell the flat in June. I wasn’t sure if it would mean I had to move, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do about it. But by the time I was served my sixty-day notice, I had already decided that I wanted to be free of the flat and I wouldn’t be looking for a new one. Rents have gone up in Manchester in the three years since I first signed that lease and I didn’t think that it made sense to pay about 1000 a month just to keep a flat that I only used when I wasn’t touring. I’d gotten used to having the place as a pad to relax in, meet friends from, and store a ridiculous amount of stuff in, but I had come to believe that it would be better to alternate intensive weeks of touring with intensive weeks of relaxing at home with my family. And so I have taken the plunge and cut the tether holding me to Manchester.

Another reason for this change is that I have decided that I ought to stop advertising in my local community. I have always shown my face in adverts because I think it reassures clients to know exactly what they will be meeting, but there’s a lot of risk in doing that – and the consequences could be suffered by family members. So, for their sakes I have been assiduously trying to remove all traces of myself from local searches. Ironically – after several months of trying to rank high on Google and not getting above page four or so, I have discovered that I finally achieved the fifth result on the first page whilst I wasn’t even trying. Removing meta tags from pages and photos will hopefully work in time.

I’m not really sure how to SEO my website now that I am in no fixed location. I see that I’m doing very well for “Independent Escort Oxford” and “Independent Escort Glasgow” which is nice. But I don’t think that really gets the phone ringing all that much. In any event, I’m never going to be able to suddenly appear precisely when I am in any given location so I don’t think that I will particularly bother with SEO for now. I see this website and blog as supplements to various directories like Adultwork and Vivastreet.

I have been having a lot of fun considering where to tour. As well as revisiting old favourites like London, Glasgow, and Oxford, I also like to try new locations. Just last month I made my first visit to Aberdeen and last week I was in Hertfordshire. I will be returning to both places!

I actually have hotels booked up into early February but my plans change so often that I won’t be updating my touring schedule on here more than a month or so in advance.

For every tour, I like to send out an email to my newsletter list letting them know exactly when I will be in town. Sometimes I have special offers for subscribers, as well. So, if you want to be kept up-to-date, please go over to the left side of this page and fill in the subscription form. I promise there is no spamming and you can unsubscribe at any time!

So What Exactly is a PSE (Porn Star Experience), Anyway?

When I worked at the Golden Gypsy Massage Parlour in Berkeley, California in the early 90’s, the services on offer were fairly limited. There was covered oral, covered intercourse, and handjobs. Sometimes someone would come in with a bit of a fetish like wating to be spanked with a hairbrush but for the most part, we were pretty vanilla. And one thing we never, ever did was kiss our clients. It simply didn’t happen. I wouldn’t say that our service was cold – but we were relatively aloof if smilingly pleasant about things.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, and the ability to advertise independently, I started to hear about something people were calling a “Girl Friend Experience” – the GFE. At that time, GFE was seen as an extra-special service. The escort would kiss you and actually seem to enjoy having sex with you, just like a girlfriend would. This was seen as premium service, available from the very best escorts.

When I returned to escorting a few years ago, I discovered that things had changed significantly. Now, kissing is standard (and I wonder why I ever hesitated to do it in the first place. I guess because “everyone” said we didn’t do it!) But “GFE” means “boring vanilla sex like you get with your girlfriend” and the exalted level of service is the PSE: The Porn Star Experience.

But what is the Porn Star Experience? I don’t think there’s any clear consensus on that. Is it anal? Deep throat? Loud over-the-top moaning? I don’t watch a lot of porn, but it seems that things have changed there, as well. No longer content with “gorgeous horny woman happily fucks the plumber” there’s a lot more raw action that pushes boundaries. It’s literally “things my girlfriend wouldn’t put up with.” A lot of it seems mean-spirited to me, and it’s the most extreme stuff (such as Max Hardcore’s productions) that is the most popular. There’s a real taste for things like women being forcefully deep-throated until they gag and vomit and then taking a facial while the man tells her what a fucking cunt she is.

I have experimented with offering the PSE, but under a slightly different name: MGWSWAPSE –The My-Girlfriend-Wishes-She-Were-A-Porn-Star-Experience. I acknowledged that I wasn’t going to deepthroat until I vomit and I couldn’t accommodate hard anal pounding, but I could dispense with the chit-chat and tenderness and kissing if that is what was wanted. It was a pretty popular request and I enjoyed doing it. For one thing, they tended to be faster bookings. No teasing lead-up to kissing and foreplay but just pouncing on their cocks like a starving tiger. It was easy to keep the intensity up and they’d finish before they knew what happened to them. Once a client asked me after the booking, “So, what’s the difference between this and your GFE?” I said, “Nothing, really. It’s just faster.”

However, I stopped offering the service because there were still those who only saw the words “porn star experience” and thought that meant they could be rude and abusive. The truth is, there’s a wide range of porn out there and I have no idea what someone has been watching and considers acceptable.

I’m still happy to dispense with small talk and cuddles if that is what someone wants, and I’m always up for naughty things like anal play, dirty talk, and even watersports – but I am afraid that I will always have to do what is essentially a GFE, which is sex between two people who respect one another.

Would You Like a Discount?

Most independent escorts will bristle if you ask them to give them a discount. We take it as a personal affront as if our very worth were being weighed and adjusted according to someone else’s criteria. And, to be honest, someone who asks for a discount on rate will often push other boundaries within the booking. As the old saying goes, “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk.”

mature Manchester escort in London, Glasgow, Oxford, Essex
Greedy little mouse!

But, sometimes a discount can make sense in business. Why not reward those who follow my blog? Why not encourage those who think I’m interesting to come and see me?

I have an email subscription form over there on the left-hand side of the page. I am hoping to use it to keep people up-to-date on what I’m doing and where I am. I am often asked to get in touch when I am back in Oxford or Glasgow or the City of London, but I have no system of doing so. It’s simply not acceptable for an escort to text a client out of the blue and so I have never kept a list of contacts.

But I think a non-spammy newsletter – with links to recent blog posts, updates on my tour schedule, the odd raunchy photo and special offers – would be fantastic.

I’m going to keep it fun – because sex is fun. And I’m going to keep it discreet; your email address will never be shared with anyone else. You can unsubscribe at any time. But please give a try!

Mature Manchester Escort
KimberlyC: mature Manchester independent escort

(This is the personal website of Kimberly C, a mature American Escort who tours London, Oxford, Glasgow, and other British cities.)

Vivastreet Re-evaluated

Recently, fired up with the desire to stop being so complacent and relying entirely on Adultwork for bookings, I resolved to put real effort into my personal website, look for as many free directories as possible and spend a bit of cash on other advertising. I considered anywhere I thought I could effectively market myself as an independent mature escort.

I’ve talked about Vivastreet before, and how my experiences haven’t been great. In spite of the fact that they rank very high on just about any escort-related Google search, and in spite of their fantastic customer service, the relatively high cost of advertising with them hasn’t generally paid off for me in the past. This has been because, while the phone would certainly ring, the vast majority of callers were from generally undesirable fellows.

But, curious to see if linking a well-made website would make a difference, I put an advert on Vivastreet a couple of weeks ago. I bypassed most of the expensive upsells like the VIP carousel, featuring, and automatic reposting, but did spend a bit extra to be able to move my location for touring and being able to link to my website. It cost just over £100 for the month – a relatively large investment compared to many other directories and Adultwork, but it would only take one booking to be paid for.

As previously, things didn’t get off to a great start. The phone began to ring immediately but they were almost all men that I didn’t want to see: asking daft questions, using crude language, asking me for services that I don’t provide. However, I did get one hour booking from it that first week and so I didn’t lose money on it.

After a week or so, the phone stopped ringing as much as my advert dropped down the page, beneath all the featured profiles and beneath the more recently-added non-featured profiles. And then, just this week, something strange happened: I started getting high-quality inquiries and bookings. February is a notoriously slow month in this industry and if I’d been relying entirely on Adultwork I would have been unhappy. But every day this week I have had one or two good hour-long bookings with very nice men who had read my entire profile and sometimes even clicked through and read every word of my website and blog!

As I’ve said before in my advice post, “How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck” taking a bit of time selecting the right escort can make the difference between a fantastic experience and a bitterly-regretted waste of money. I find the experience more enjoyable on my end, as well, because I’m more likely to meet the client’s expectations and we’re both more relaxed.

I’m not sure why suddenly Vivastreet has been working for me. Is it just a fluke? Or is it because I’ve linked my website and it’s attracting the more discerning client? Perhaps it is because I’m now buried about three pages down and only the clients determined to book an independent mature escort would find my phone number.

I asked my clients this week how they used Vivastreet and why they selected me. All of them said that they had used the search feature to narrow down the selection to find specifically an independent mature escort. Obviously, these were all gentlemen who booked me, so that makes sense. But when I am featured and displayed on the front page to those who don’t search, then I get a lot of calls from men who don’t seem appropriate for me.

I know that Vivastreet works hard to market the website – even going so far as to launch a controversial campaign with mobile billboards and bus stop posters. This put them out there in the “real world” – catching the eyes of men who might otherwise have never thought to look for an escort. Meanwhile, Adultwork tends to be very far down in the search engine rankings, buried many pages deep if you come across them at all. I sometimes wonder how clients even learn of Adultwork’s existence – perhaps through blogs like this one or on escorts’ twitter accounts? This does mean that Vivastreet is appealing to a more naive sort of punter, some of whom seem to have very little idea of how any of this works. But, perhaps that’s preferable to the very jaded punter “hobbyists” who think they know everything!

mobile billboard for independent mature escort on Vivastreet
A Vivastreet mobile billboard. Similar bus stop posters and taxi cab wraps were controversial when a feminist group complained. Because they know what’s best for us.

Vivastreet also reaches out to escorts directly – they have a representative who posts to the main UK escorts forum, answering questions and taking on our feedback. A few months ago, some of us complained that our adverts were getting buried by the agency profiles and Vivastreet separated them so that clients could look at one or the other category. And they have very good customer service: whenever there’s been an issue with one of my adverts, a phone call usually sorts it straight away. This is a stark contrast to Adultwork, who are aloof and anonymous and sometimes downright unhelpful.

I’m really encouraged by this and I am going to continue advertising with Vivastreet for the foreseeable future. I think it has become an excellent advertising medium for the independent mature escort.


Benjamin Franklin: MILF lover!

It may come as a surprise to some that mature escorts are extremely popular. While it’s true that our culture prizes youth and equates it with beauty, there’s a lot to be said for the virtues of sex with a mature escort, sometimes referred to as a MILF escort.

MILF stands for “Mum I’d Love to Fuck.” However, not all MILFs are necessarily mothers and not all mothers are strictly MILFs: those young mums you see at the school gates of primary schools are “yummy mummies.” A MILF is a woman old enough to be the mother of the young man doing the lusting. In the movie American Pie, which popularised the term, the classmates of Stiffler wanted Stiffler’s Mom so badly they lauded her as a MILF.

Mature escort, MILF, Independent Escort

What is the appeal of the mature escort? I think it comes down to the belief that older women are more relaxed about sex, comfortable with their bodies, know what they want sexually, and know how to ask for it. And there’s the general idea that we’ve learned a trick or two. We have had time to experiment with all sorts of things over the years. Also, a MILF escort may feel the need to compensate for what they assume is a lack of beauty by swinging from the chandeliers. Conversely, many a pretty young thing will assume that simply lying there and letting you fuck her is all she has to do. How can she know any better when all she’s ever experienced is equally callow young men, who behave as if the only thing they care about is lying on top of her and fucking her?

But, what do I know? I am a woman, and an obviously biased mature escort. I can’t speak for the man’s point of view. And so I went looking for what men have to say on the subject and I found this brilliant letter by Benjamin Franklin advising a young man of the virtues of taking an older woman for a mistress:

June 25, 1745

My dear Friend,

I know of no Medicine fit to diminish the violent natural Inclinations you mention; and if I did, I think I should not communicate it to you. Marriage is the proper Remedy….

But if you will not take this Counsel, and persist in thinking a Commerce with the Sex inevitable, then I repeat my former Advice, that in all your Amours you should prefer old Women to young ones. You call this a Paradox, and demand my Reasons. They are these:

1. Because as they have more Knowledge of the World and their Minds are better stor’d with Observations, their Conversation is more improving and more lastingly agreable.

2. Because when Women cease to be handsome, they study to be good. To maintain their Influence over Men, they supply the Diminution of Beauty by an Augmentation of Utility. They learn to do a 1000 Services small and great, and are the most tender and useful of all Friends when you are sick. Thus they continue amiable. And hence there is hardly such a thing to be found as an old Woman who is not a good Woman.

3. Because there is no hazard of Children, which irregularly produc’d may be attended with much Inconvenience.

4. Because thro’ more Experience, they are more prudent and discreet in conducting an Intrigue to prevent Suspicion. The Commerce with them is therefore safer with regard to your Reputation. And with regard to theirs, if the Affair should happen to be known, considerate People might be rather inclin’d to excuse an old Woman who would kindly take care of a young Man, form his Manners by her good Counsels, and prevent his ruining his Health and Fortune among mercenary Prostitutes.

5. Because in every Animal that walks upright, the Deficiency of the Fluids that fill the Muscles appears first in the highest Part: The Face first grows lank and wrinkled; then the Neck; then the Breast and Arms; the lower Parts continuing to the last as plump as ever: So that covering all above with a Basket, and regarding only what is below the Girdle, it is impossible of two Women to know an old from a young one. And as in the dark all Cats are grey, the Pleasure of corporal Enjoyment with an old Woman is at least equal, and frequently superior, every Knack being by Practice capable of Improvement.

6. Because the Sin is less. The debauching a Virgin may be her Ruin, and make her for Life unhappy.

7. Because the Compunction is less. The having made a young Girl miserable may give you frequent bitter Reflections; none of which can attend the making an old Woman happy.

8thly and Lastly They are so grateful!!

Thus much for my Paradox. But still I advise you to marry directly; being sincerely Your affectionate Friend.

And there you have it – how can you possibly doubt the wisdom of such a Statesman, Scientist, and Inventor as Benjamin Franklin?!

If you are looking to have some fun with a woman who knows what she is doing and enjoys it, then you could do a lot worse than to book a mature escort!

Please have a look at my advice on how to get the most out of your booking with a mature escort (or any independent escort).

Mature Escort Manchester, MILF escort, Independent Mature Escort
KimberlyC: mature Manchester independent escort.

(This is the personal website of mature Manchester escort KimberlyC, an independent escort available for incalls and outcalls in Manchester, as well as incalls in London, Glasgow, Oxford and other UK cities.)

My FAQ Expanded No 4: Whereabouts in America Are You From?

An American Escort in England gets asked a lot of questions. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Whereabouts in America Are You From?

A) Ohio, By Way of California.

American escorts in the UK are a bit of a novelty. This is THE most commonly-asked question of all. Pretty much every client who calls will ask me this as well as most people I meet in my day-to-day life. (At least in Manchester and Glasgow. In London, nobody really gives a shit that I am American.) So I have to explain to people where Ohio is. “Oh, it’s in the middle. On one of the Great Lakes.” Sometimes I get tired of the blank looks “Ohio” elicits and I will tell people that I am from California. Then their faces will brighten right up because everybody knows where that is.

American Escort in England, American Escort in the UK
This tall MILF was born in the bottom left-hand corner of the State, just south of the letter “M” in “Made.”

Ohio is not a glamorous place. It’s mostly flat farmland with a couple of decent-sized industrial cities. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is particularly unremarkable. Sat on the Ohio River, it’s known primarily as the headquarters for Proctor & Gamble (where I used to work in the research and development labs.) Its main culinary delicacy is Cincinnati Chili, which is a watery chili con carne seasoned with spices like cinnamon and cumin ladled over plates of spaghetti and topped with very finely-grated American cheese, and then a selection of toppings (called “ways”) including diced onion and kidney beans. It may sound weird to you, but I would do unspeakable things for a plate of this right now:

American Escort in UK, Greater Manchester, MILF escort, Tall Escort
Not pictured is the little dish of oyster crackers you eat with this. I can’t get oyster crackers in the UK and that makes me very sad.

But, you know, sometimes great things from unremarkable places. Ohio is the birthplace of:

Eight U.S. Presidents

American Escort in Britain, American Escort in Glasgow, American Escort in London
Pub Quiz Fact: 27th President William Howard Taft was so fat he got stuck in the Whitehouse bathtub and it took several plumbers to get him out.

Twenty-Four Astronauts – Including Neil Armstrong and John Glenn

American Escort in London, American MILF, American Mature Escort
Neil Armstrong second Ohioan in space, first man on the moon. In space you can’t hear us chant “USA! USA! USA!”

Charles Manson

MILF escort in Greater Manchester, American Escort in London
Charlie grew up on the poor side of Cincinnati. His mother once sold him as a child for a bucket of beer.

And Me!

American Escort in London
Stars and Stripes Forever! American Escort in the UK.

I moved to San Francisco California just a couple of weeks after my 21st birthday. I lived in the Bay Area (with a brief stint in Los Angeles) for nine years. It was there that I got started in sexwork.

A girl I used to work with on a punk rock magazine was a dancer at a peep show called The Lusty Lady and she got me a job there. The Lusty Lady was completely women-owned and generally was a pretty cool place to work. I started out dancing in the main peep show – a mirrored room surrounded by shuttered windows with about three or four girls dancing. Men would put quarters into slots to watch for thirty seconds at a time. All the girls were punk rock chicks and all the male support staff were pretty cool. (They made a lot of extra cash picking up sticky quarters off the floor.) I’m a shit dancer but I like to talk so they put me into the Private Pleasures booth. This was a one-on-one thing that was sort of like a cross between phone sex and visiting someone in prison. The punter would put five dollars through a slot in the window and I would open the curtain and entertain him with dildos and dirty talk for three minutes. I got half the takings. I liked the lulls between clients when I would open the curtain separating me from the lobby and banter over the PA with guys walking past. “Come on in and see how much of this massive cock I can stuff into my pussy!”

American Escort in London
Where this American Escort got her start. I can smell the pervasive odor of cum and disinfectant just looking at this photo.

An American Escort is born: It didn’t take me long to figure out that I could arrange something a little more profitable for the end of my shift – there was a hot tub spa down the street that would rent a private room with a bed and a hot tub for cheap thirty-minute sessions. Towards the end of a shift I’d suggest meeting for “the real thing” to a client. I remember the first time I did this, I asked another girl in the dressing room how much I should charge. I literally had no idea. “Don’t take less than a hundred dollars!” she said. I didn’t know if that was the local going rate but I liked the round number. I think I made about $100 per shift in the Private Pleasures booth and then I’d double it afterwards by seeing a punter at the spa.

I did this for a few months and then another friend suggested that I just whore full-time at one of the Berkeley Massage parlours. Berkeley was renowned for its parlours, tolerated by a liberal local government so long as they made somewhat of an effort to disguise what was really going on. And so I worked for several years at the legendary Golden Gypsy Massage on Telegraph Avenue. I looked online for a photo of the place but couldn’t find anything. It was finally shut down some years ago, which made me very sad when I learned of it.

The Golden Gypsy was awesome. It wasn’t anything like the parlours over here. Tommy, the owner, never got involved in our business. As far as he was concerned, we were doing massages and getting tips. The punters would pay a fee to the house for a “massage” and that basically got them the girl of their choice in a private room for a half hour or an hour. Once in the room, all negotiations were between the escort and the punter and she got to keep all of her money. We could charge whatever we wanted, although we girls did price fix among ourselves. It was a safe, fun, and easy place to work. All I had to do was show up and wait to get picked from the lineup. EVERYTHING was covered, then. Blow jobs were always with a condom. I can’t remember anyone going down on me – I don’t think anyone ever asked. We never even kissed – it just wasn’t done. The idea of the “girlfriend experience” was unheard of in those days. Now, I think it’s really weird when a client doesn’t want to kiss!

I still miss many of the women I worked with and wonder how they’re all doing. I managed to track one of them down about ten years ago, just before I moved to the UK. She told me that Tommy had died of liver failure and that Pat, an African American woman I worked with every Saturday for years, had died of a heart attack. I would give almost anything to find the rest of the girls and find out how they’re doing. I promise to write more about my time at the Golden Gypsy in the future. I had a lot of fun there and saw some bizarre things.

American escort in Britain
I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in the History of Art. Perhaps I shouldn’t have majored in something so utterly useless.

At some point along the line I started to attend classes at the City College of San Francisco. I did well and so was able to transfer to the University of California at Berkeley, conveniently located just a few blocks up the street from work. I would go to class all week, then on Friday nights go to the Golden Gypsy to work the night shift. I’d sleep there, get up early on Saturday, and work the day shift. After twenty-four hours, I’d walk out with my pockets stuffed with cash.

I graduated from university and then moved to Philadelphia, where I worked at the top of these very famous steps:

American escort in England
When I say that I worked here, I don’t mean as an escort!

My life was quite a bit more tame and boring for a number of years. I moved to the UK in 2006 and three years ago I felt the pull back into working as an escort. I have been providing incalls in Manchester City Centre, as well as touring to other parts of Britain, including London, Glasgow, Oxford and other locations ever since.

(This is the personal website of mature manchester Escort KimberlyC, a tall American MILF providing incalls and outcalls in Manchester, as well as touring to provide incalls in London, Glasgow, and Oxford.)

My FAQ Expanded No 3: Is There Anything You Don’t Do?

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts in which I expand on questions I am commonly asked by the gentlemen who call to book. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions when you’re about to drop a significant amount of money on a booking with an escort. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Is There Anything You Don’t Do?

A) Well, yes, obviously.

This is a question I am asked with surprising frequency. As I’ve said before, it’s always best to ask direct question when booking an escort. Questions with a “yes” or “no” answer are better than vague, open-ended questions. And I don’t know if there’s a vaguer, more open-ended question than, “What don’t you do?”

Taken literally, the answer to that question is an infinite list of things I don’t do, including levitate, raise the dead, time travel, exceed the speed of light, photosynthesize…

Milf Escort Services
As much as this MILF escort is capable of, flying a F/A Hornet is not a service on offer

Obviously, the caller means things of a sexual nature, but even that is a large list and someone will always surprise me by suggesting something that I have never even considered before. It would take a while to catalog the things that I do not do. Have a look at an escorts description of what she does do and then ask if there is something not covered to your satisfaction there. What I do is enumerated pretty thoroughly on my Services page. You will see that I offer a pretty comprehensive “GFE experience” – so you can expect me to enthusiastically kiss, cuddle, perform oral with or without a condom (OWO), receive oral sex on myself, indulge in some hot protected intercourse, engage in anal play, and share a titillating collection of toys. (Anal sex is available at discretion, so I don’t advertise it as a given.)

I will dabble in some things like role play if the scenario sounds interesting and doesn’t involve something I find off-putting. It’s not really part of my spontaneous, genuine GFE thing so I don’t advertise it. I will also do some mild domination, involving a bit of tie-and-tease, light spanking, or good-humoured humiliation but I also don’t advertise that as I am not a professional dominatrix and I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone.

I don’t like to take the tack of saying, “I don’t do this and I won’t do that” because it sounds sort of negative. But I will go ahead and list a few of the more common things that others escorts may do but I do not.

Probably the major no-no is bareback/unprotected sex. No, I won’t do that. I used to think it went without saying that if I didn’t advertise it as available, then it was not available, but I was naive. Apparently, there are girls who do it on the quiet – perhaps only with regulars or they’ll hint in a booking that it’s an option for extra money. So, I will make it very clear that I will never offer bareback sex no matter how many times you visit me or how much extra money is offered.

Another thing I have tried and not enjoyed was strap-on or “pegging.” I think toys are fun and I enjoy anal play but the three times I’ve tried using a strap-on I found it very awkward and uncomfortable. Also, it can get a bit too messy. I always prepare myself with an anal douche before every booking, but I don’t expect a businessman on his lunch break to have done the same. However, a small vibrator or finger covered in a condom is much easier to deal with and I’m always happy to do that.

Finally, I am not interested in anything that involves receiving pain or humiliation, or being tied up. It’s just not my scene at all.

MILF escort services: kinky tie-and-tease blindfold
I have a nice little satin blindfold… but this sort of thing is well outside of my repertoire!

That’s not an exhaustive list but I think it covers the basics in terms of things that other escorts may do but I do not. There are probably things I haven’t thought of. If you are booking any escort (not just me) and you have a very specific request, check to see what services they offer. If it’s not mentioned in her advertised services, the odds are that she won’t do it, so you should ask when you call to book.

I have noticed that some of the escorts who market themselves as very “high class” don’t really spell out what they do. I’m not sure if they worry they will look cheap for doing so or if they’re simply very flexible and decide on a case-by-case basis what they will do. Since escorting is legal in the UK and we’re adults, I prefer to be as up-front as possible about my services.



My FAQ Expanded No 2: Do You See Black or Asian Men?

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts in which I expand on questions I am commonly asked by the gentlemen who call to book. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions when you’re about to drop a significant amount of money on a booking with an escort. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Do you see black or Asian men?

A) Yes!

It’s not unheard of for an escort to refuse to see clients of a particular race. Sometimes it will be stated on her advertising, and sometimes she won’t advertise it openly but will screen it out during the booking process. I always feel a little sad when a client asks me if I will see him: it must feel pretty crap to have to ask, and to be told “no.”

Invariably, the escort who won’t see black or Asian men will say something like, “I’m not racist: it’s just a personal preference” or “it’s because I’ve had bad experiences.” I can understand that having several bad experiences with men who all share a common characteristic might make you think that eliminating that one common denominator will eliminate the problem. But, I daresay that the majority of bad experiences have happened with white clients, because the majority of clients – like the majority of the population – is white. And yet you never hear of an escort in the UK refusing to see white men!

I don’t want to have bad experiences, either. But for me, the way I avoid them is through my screening. I listen to the men’s voices for warmth in tone and general attitude, I pay close attention to their communications for signs that let me know if they’re respectful. Do they speak politely? Text politely, using standard English? Do they confirm at the time they are supposed to? If I think that someone sounds warm and friendly, and find their communications prompt and polite, then I feel reasonably certain that we are going to have a wonderful time together, regardless of the colour of their skin!

I admit that I struggle sometimes when their accent is very foreign – it can be hard to get an insight into their character when there are a lot of cultural obstacles to communication. There are some cultures that are problematic for sex workers because of issues of misogyny. Also, in some cultures it’s acceptable to haggle prices, which many escorts can find off-putting. For a white British man to haggle is disrespectful, but I have learned that for some others, it is just the way things are done and no disrespect is intended. As a young Asian fellow I met last week told me, after I smilingly insisted on my regular fee, “Hey, you don’t ask, you don’t get!” Can’t blame him for trying! But many escorts would be very annoyed by that and chalk that up to one more bad experience with Asian clients.

Overall, my experiences with all of my clients have been largely very positive. I can honestly say that the few baddies weren’t trouble because of their race, and in retrospect there was always a clue in their booking communications that something was off. I get better and better at discerning who will be a good client.

As for those escorts who won’t see you because of your race – I hope that you won’t take it personally. Not having ever met you, or given you the chance to book, they can’t really be making a personal judgement about you. Just move on and find an escort who is a little more open minded!

Milf Escort Manchester - escorts who see black or Asian men
Manchester Independent Escort

(This is the personal website of Independent Mature Manchester Escort KimberlyC, who entertains gentlemen in Manchester City Centre, as well as in London, Glasgow, Oxford and other UK cities.)

My FAQ Expanded: No. 1 – Are You The Woman in the Photos?

I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts in which I expand on questions I am commonly asked by the gentlemen who call to book. It’s only natural to have plenty of questions when you’re about to drop a significant amount of money on a booking with an escort. I have a basic FAQ page here, and in a series of blog posts I am going to expand upon some of them.

Q) Is That Really You in the Photos?

A) Yes!

The question, “Are those really your photos” is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a common one. I believe the reason it is common is that there are, unfortunately, a fair few misleading advertisers out there. The level of deception can be mild (that is to say, Photoshopped or out-of-date photos) or severe (you will never even meet the woman in the photo.) It seems obvious to me that an independent mature escort who has gone to the trouble of creating a promoting a personal website would be serious about following through with quality service. And there’s no way to deliver quality service if your customer feels betrayed upon arrival. I have no desire to be alone with a man who feels that he has been ripped off and deceived. If I waste your time, I waste my own.

KimberlyC: Mature American escort in Manchester with pert little tits
Mature Independent Escort: my more everyday hairstyle. Wild and free and freshly washed!

So, the photos on my website, with the rare and obvious exceptions, are amateur snapshots are taken as selfies with a Selfie-stick or with the help of my tripod and remote-control shutter button. Occasionally, I will have a friend help me out by taking some more elaborate posed shots. I also try to make it clear on my gallery page when these photos were taken, with older photos towards the bottom.

mature escort, OWO escort, independent Manchester Escort, MILF
Mature independent Manchester – The legs are constant. The hairstyle…. not so much

I have had professional studio shots done in the past – the glossy ones that you see in many of my headers were taken by a professional photographer in a studio with lighting and the benefit of professional hair and makeup at the end of 2013. I’ll be honest: I only like these photos because they make my site look more glossy and professional. I would like to have more taken but in the future I will guard against looking too done-up. In real life my hair is not professionally styled! I also recognise the need for some airbrushing with these sorts of photos because the high-resolution of the camera lens, coupled with the studio lighting, means the raw photos are OH MY GOD WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE PORES ON HER NOSE! I am hoping to find a photographer with a good studio who can airbrush the distracting bits without removing the features that give me character, including the crows’ feet around my eyes. I’d like to strike a balance between realistic amateur and glossy professional.

(This is the personal website of Independent MILF Manchester Escort Kimberly C. All content is written by Kimberly C.)

How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck: Tips on Booking An Independent Escort

So you are thinking about booking an independent escorrt and you want to maximize your chances of having a fantastic, horny time. It’s best to put a little bit of thought into it, as this is not an insignificant amount of money to pay for a transitory experience. The following advice isn’t advice on how to make an escort happy; it’s intended to help you ensure the best experience possible.

Finding an Independent Escort

Before booking an independent escort, first you must do a bit of research and find a lady you would like to see. There are several ways of finding escorts – the most popular way being on the Internet. Back in the dark ages, girls had to advertise with three or four coyly-worded lines in the back of local newspapers, or pay someone to run around town putting their “tart cards” up in phone boxes. (Remember those? I hear there are still a few festooned phone boxes in Central London. When I first visited London on holiday many years ago I was fascinated).

tart cards in phone box, horny MILF, London, Escort
Tart cards: they seemed downright exotic to me when I visited London years ago.

These days, it is so much easier to get a lot of information on a great many women, immediately. Try Googling the exact search terms you want: “Mature Independent Escort Manchester” for example, or “MILF escort London.” Doing so will return a great many directories, and those are fine places to start. You will also find some personal websites like this one, and those are well worth exploring because an escort with a personal website is more likely to be professional and independent.

Punterlink is a directory of escorts who all have their own website – you can refine by region and look galleries that link directly to personal websites.

If you are looking at a directory, such as Adultwork, Select-An-Escort, The Oldest Profession, or My-Local-Escorts, then you may have to do a bit of refined searching. Most directories will let you narrow down by age, location, physical features and sometimes even services and price.

Things to look out for:

  1. Is the escort’s profile or website recently updated? Some directories have indications of when the profile was last updated or when that escort last logged in. If it’s her personal site, look to see how recently she has updated her blog (if she has one) or if her gallery indicates the dates of the photos. If there doesn’t appear to be fresh content on her website, then she may not be taking it very seriously. It’s not uncommon for an independent escort to create a website but not put the work into it it takes for it to pay off and so it may languish. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she is no longer available, only that her rates and photos may not be up-to-date.
  2. Does the profile appear to be a genuine one? Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there and not everyone who advertises as an escort is genuine. This is where the UK directory Adultwork comes in handy: the providers accrue feedback from clients. A girl who has a lot of positive feedback on her profile is probably sincere. A regularly updated website would also indicate sincerity.
  3. Does this escort appear to be truly independent? While you may not mind seeing a girl who works via an agency, chances are you would object to seeing someone who is trafficked or coerced. You want to be sure that this escort has full autonomy over her work – if not because you are a decent human being, at least because sex is more fun with someone who is enthusiastic and happy. Watch out for profiles written in poor English, using the same wording in multiple profiles. Even if the girls are perfectly happy hookers, there’s a chance of bait-and-switch, as whoever is running their “ring” is moving girls around, switching them out arbitrarily. You may arrive to meet an entirely different woman than the one in the photos! If you have any doubts, don’t book without speaking on the phone: if your calls aren’t picked up and only answered with a text saying “text me baby” that may be because whoever is handling the calls is a man.
  4. Do the photos look genuine? Basically, are they too good to be true? There are some stunning escorts who use professional photographers but most of them will also mix in a few selfies and amateur pics. They will also often watermark their photos to prevent theft and use by scam artists. The risk with wall-to-wall glossy perfection is that either that girl isn’t who you will be meeting or those photos are years out of date.
sexy secretary, MILF secretary, Mature Manchester Escorrt
Even I have glossy studio shots. Sure, that’s me… two and a half years ago! My gallery has plenty of recent amateur photos.

While you’re doing this sort of due diligence, you should be reading their entire profile – if it’s a personal website, you should at least look at what she has to say about her services, her availability, and her rates. If there’s a “FAQ” or “etiquette” page then be sure to read them! Wouldn’t it be a disappointment to discover only after paying that the lady you are seeing has absolutely zero interest in anal play?

Contacting an Independent Escort

OK, so you’ve selected an escort you’d like to meet and now it is time to make contact. Every escort is different in terms of how she likes to set up bookings. Some only want to be emailed in advance, some like phone calls on the day, and some are pretty flexible about things and will reply to texts, answer the phone if they’re working, and answer emails about advanced bookings. Her profile or website ought to make it clear which she prefers. If you absolutely want to drive a lady around the bend, send her an email asking about her availability in an hour. Any escort who takes short-notice bookings will prefer to be called or even texted.

When you contact an escort, be polite and to-the-point. As I wrote in my blog about How To Book An Escort Via SMS Text, we like it when the client politely gets to the point. Addressing us by name is always a winner, as it indicates that you are not simply feverishly contacting every number you can find in hopes of finding something, anything, to stick your dick in. Ask specific questions, preferably those that have a yes-or-no answer. “What is your availability like today?” may seem innocuous enough but wouldn’t it make more sense to ask if she is specifically available at 3pm or in the early evening?

It’s a great idea to call an escort first, just to get a feel for her (and her for you.) You can tell so much about someone by the tone of their voice. I personally try to discern if a gentleman sounds happy and comfortable with what they are doing.

booking an independent manchester escort by telephone
Try smiling when you speak – it really does make you sound friendly!

If you are going to call an escort on the phone, then do so from a location where you can talk naturally and confidently. Crouching down in your office cubicle and whispering is going to make you sound like a creepy pervert. While you may feel as if you are very horny and very naughty and getting up to some dirty, kinky shit, it’s best to speak in a friendly, neutral tone of voice. How would you speak if you were calling any other service provider, like a decorator or a joiner? Just as you wouldn’t start off by purring “Well, helloooo darling!” to book your car in for an MOT, you don’t need to talk that way to an escort – at least not yet, on the phone. If the escort you want to see markets herself as “high class” or uses words like “courtesan” or “discreet paid companionship” then she’s probably not going to be happy with “Hiyuh, babe. Yalright?” (But that is still preferable to purring any day of the week.) The more purring and flattering you do, the more of a timewaster you are going to sound like.

Having read her entire profile or the salient bits of her personal website, then you don’t need to ask a lot of redundant questions. I understand that you may be nervous and so you will probably ask things that are on her profile. I try to be patient when I get that, but I personally have a “three question rule.” That is, I am willing to answer about three questions before I decide that I am speaking to a timewaster. By the way, the biggest indicator that I’m speaking to one of these quizzical timewasters is they ask me if they can ask me a question. “Can I just ask you a few questions?” *sigh*

Greet her by name, ask her how she’s doing, and then ask her if she is available on the given day. If there is a particular service that you want and she hasn’t specifically mentioned on her profile, NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK. If you would like her to wear lingerie or stockings or something like that, NOW IS THE TIME TO ASK. Asking her after she has made a booking with you, especially after you have agreed on a location and you have her address, is probably going to annoy her. For example, I don’t wear uniforms so when I get a text between the phone call and the booking time asking me, “What uniforms do you have?” my heart sinks. As nervous as you may be when you call, try to have a clear idea of what you want in your mind when you’re arranging the booking and verify all of these things as early in the process as possible. If you ask her on the phone if she’ll give you a prostate exam whilst dressed as a sexy nurse, you’ll be able to gauge from her tone just how enthusiastic she is about doing this.

Meeting an Independent Escort:

OK, so you’ve found an independent escort you like the look of, she sounds friendly on the phone, and you have agreed on a time and place to meet. Fantastic! You’re nearly there!

Now, what can you do on your part to get the best service for your hard-earned cash?

First, be on time. Be sure to check Google Maps so you’ll know where you’re going. Maybe check Street View to see what the local parking situation looks like. If you get held up at the office or stuck in traffic or lost, then let the escort know about this as soon as possible. She will understand, because we’ve all been there. She may be less understanding if you rock up fifteen minutes late expecting her to be still sitting there in her stockings and lingerie, waiting for your eventual arrival. It’s not a good idea to show up early, though. Sometimes, this can’t be helped. But, when you text her to let her know you’re early, it’s nice to let her know that you are happy to wait. We use the time between or before bookings to eat, ready the bedroom, and make ourselves beautiful. If I’m not ready and I know there’s a gentleman standing outside in the cold, I feel torn between wanting to continue doing what I need to do and letting the poor soul in out of the cold. It’s best to text from your parked car or perhaps a nearby cafe if there is one, assuring her you’re fine until she’s ready. This isn’t because she’s a special pampered princess: you simply don’t want a stressed and harried escort when you’re about to be intimate together.

It should go without saying that you should arrive fresh and clean. However, if you’re coming straight from the office after work, then it’s OK to have a quick shower before the start of the booking. Be sure to wash every nook and cranny, paying special attention to those parts of you that you’d like her to put in her mouth. There are some escorts who will insist that every client shower at the start of the booking. I trust an adult to be an adult about their personal hygiene. If, after the clothes have come off, I find that my trust has been misplaced, then I am not shy about handing a gentleman a fresh towel and directing him into my nice, hot shower.

By the way, some gentlemen worry that the escort might not be fresh. If you have been discerning about whom you see, and she presents herself as a sensible, autonomous woman with self-respect, then you probably shouldn’t insult her by asking her if she has showered. If she has no qualms about poor hygiene, she’ll have no qualms about lying about her hygiene.

Meeting an Independent Escort – First Impressions:

Having arrived on time, smelling fresh, you’re greeted at the door by what is hopefully a smiling vision of loveliness (or slutty filth, if that’s what you’re looking for.) The following advice is obviously for your benefit: if you do not like what you see, then DO NOT HAND OVER ANY CASH. It’s true that you should get the “paperwork” out of the way at the start of the booking, but it’s OK to have a bit of small talk and a chance to look about you/at her before paying. If she is not the woman in the photos, is significantly older or different than how she looked in her photos, has not dressed as you’d been led to expect she would be, her flat is a tip, she got a scowl like a smacked mackerel, or anything feels not right, then don’t go through with it. Things will not improve and you are going to feel like shit about the experience for a long time to come. The way to get out of there with as little hassle as possible is to say “I’m sorry – I’ve left my wallet in the car.” Or, “Oh, gosh… I forgot to get cash from the ATM. Is there one nearby?” Another tactic is, “You know, I am so sorry…I can’t go through with this. I just feel too guilty about cheating on my wife.” The chances are that she’ll know what you’re doing (because she’s probably experienced this before) and I can’t promise that you’ll get away completely hassle-free, but it’s likely there will be no more than a sharp retort or something along those lines and then you are safely out of there. Yes, it will be awkward, but trust me: it will be better than the regret you’ll fee if you had stayed.

escort, incall, booking
“Why didn’t I leave when I had the chance?!”

Paying an Independent Escort – The Paperwork:

But, this is probably going to be a great experience: the woman is hot, the bedroom looks welcoming, and you are raring to go! Then go ahead and hand over the money. Some escorts – primarily those that bill themselves as “high-class courtesans” will ask you to discreetly pass over the “donation” in an envelope at the start of the booking. If that’s how she likes it, then fine. Perhaps you will also feel better about things if the cash aspect isn’t so blatant. But don’t be surprised if an escort opens that envelope up in front of you and counts it right there. Don’t take this personally; chances are she has learned a bitter, valuable lesson from another charming, well-dressed, fresh-smelling man who stiffed her in the past. I, myself, will count the money openly after having been advised to by a client who once had a girl go into the other room and then announce that the envelope had been short twenty pounds. I have to say that I have only found the amount short one time – but on several occasions there was too much, which was promptly returned.

booking an independent escort, Mature independent escort, MILF
Flowers are nice, but cash is all you need to bring

Let The Fun Begin:

Whew! You’ve found an escort you liked, booked her, met her, and you’ve paid her. Now you’re ready for the fun to begin! I can’t advise you on how to get exactly what you want in the bedroom, because everyone is different, but a few general pointers:

  • Respect her boundaries. You should already have a good idea what services she provides, but you may run into a little personal quirk of hers. Perhaps she doesn’t like her neck and ears to be licked. If she flinches or turns away, don’t take it personally. It’s normal for lovers having sex for the first time to have to say, “Oh, that’s not how I like it – I like it like this.” I personally will nicely say, “I’m not crazy about that, but I do like this.” Whatever it is, just go with the flow and respect her boundaries. She’s much more likely to relax and get into the experience if she’s not swerving and batting away hands.
  • Respect that she may need to feel in control of herself. Pinning her to the bed with the full weight of your body can make her nervous. Repeatedly moving her around the bed, manipulating her arms like a mannequin will make her feel like an object and could make her nervous about where this is going. And, while many women enjoy hot sex with their wrists pinned above their heads or a gently squeezing hand on their throat, think how that might come across to an escort who has never met you before. Discuss these things if that is the sort of sex you want, and read her body language.
  • Tell her what you want. If you lie there and let her massage your back all the while thinking, “Well, this isn’t what I paid for” then turn over and tell her that you’d love a bit of oral. If you know that you may orgasm quickly and won’t be able to go again, then let her know that so she doesn’t push you too far, too early. Her intentions may be the best in the world, but if she doesn’t know what you want, she can’t give you the time of your life.
  • The chatting can be as much fun as the sex, but don’t ask a lot of probing, personal questions. She may casually mention her family, but you should not ask her if she is married. It may be obvious that she has been pregnant, but don’t ask about her children. Perhaps you are fascinated by escorts and want to know their life stories. But, asking what other jobs they have, how long they’ve been doing this, why they do this, etc., can be too prying. And of course it is rude to ask anyone how many sexual partners they have had or how much money they earn, so the same goes for escorts.
  • Never forget what this is: a paid service. She may genuinely like having sex with you and think you’re a swell guy, but you are still a client. Getting confused on this point will only lead to heartache for you and annoyance for her. Keep it light, keep it professional, and keep it fun.
how to book an escort, how to get good service from an escort
None of these mannequins are aroused.

I hope that this has been at least somewhat helpful. I know that booking an escort for the first time can be nerve-wracking for the first timer. But if you put just a little bit of time and effort into choosing the right independent escort to see, and use some common sense in person, you should have a very enjoyable experience.

Naturally, I am biased and think that you would be best off booking a mature independent escort, as a MILF should have the maturity and sensibility to provide an enthusiastic, dependable service. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

I hope you’ve found this advice on booking an independent escort helpful.

MILF, Mature Escort, Manchester, Huddersfield
Go ahead and get in contact with that escort- she’s waiting for you!

(This is the personal website of KimberlyC: A mature Manchester escort who is based in Manchester City Centre, and tours to locations like London, Glasgow, Oxford, and more.)

How I Came To Be a Touring Escort

As I said on my touring schedule page, I frequently travel to other cities. I enjoy seeing more of Britain, even though being there on “business” is a bit different than going as a tourist. Plus, to be frank, it’s good to be a fresh face in a new town. Gentlemen love variety!

I was curious about touring: as an American who has lived in the UK for ten years, there is still an awful lot of Britain I haven’t seen. I have a (probably childish) enthusiasm for hotels, with their room service and housekeeping, and I have a general craving for novelty. As much fun as I have providing incalls in my Manchester City Centre flat, I wanted a change of scenery!

My first tour was to London, in January of 2015. I was so nervous about going somewhere new, but all of my touring girlfriends assured me that a particular hotel next to Euston train station was dead easy to work from. (Picking a good, “workable” hotel is very important for a touring girl as I wrote about in my post about visiting an escort in a hotel.) I felt very out-of-sorts when I arrived, but the phone started to ring and the bookings began to pour in so I was soon in the swing of things. I made more money in three days than I’d ever made in a week and I was hooked. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the busier I am, the more energy I have.

On that visit, I met a lovely client who told me about another hotel in the City of London that he said was very popular with working girls. So, I resolved to try it out as soon as possible. I went only a few weeks later and had one the best weeks of my working life. I still struggled, however, with being in an unfamiliar room – this wasn’t helped by the fact that they’d placed me in a room in the interior of the building with practically no phone signal. That was a valuable lesson learnt, and one my friend Amy Vergnes reiterated: don’t even unpack your bag until you’ve checked that everything about the room – particularly the phone signal – is all ticketyboo.

Escort in City of London, Mature Escort, MILF escort,
Can you guess why this is my favourite building, ever?

I soon learned that the City of London is just the place for me. The City is chockablock with highly-paid, highly-stressed men in a hurry. I’ve discovered that some men deal with stress through sex. If a woman gets chewed out by her boss, she wants wine and Netflix and sex is probably the last thing on her mind. But men will often deal with it by draining their balls at the next available opportunity. I was initially apprehensive about the sort of man I’d meet in the City. I guess I thought I’d meet narcissistic twats but instead I met primarily normal, decent, mild-mannered middle-class men who commute from Surrey. Oh, yes! More, please!

City of London Tour Incalls Escort
I have yet to meet one of these in the City of London.

One of the great things about London is that it is so vast that you can visit every month and, by visiting different parts of the city, never quite overfish the waters. On subsequent visits I explored bits over towards the West end of things. I tried a location next to Lancaster Gate Tube, but that wasn’t a very successful week for me. I tried another week in South Kensington but that didn’t go any better. And I found things a bit more dull in terms of the neighbourhoods. I also tried my hand at Heathrow and that is not for me, at all. While there were some lovely exceptions, most of the men who called me weren’t the sort that I’d like to be alone with.

Other than London, my favourite place by far has been Oxford. Apparently, there is a dearth of good escorts in Oxford, probably due to the cost of housing, and so I am very busy when I visit. And it’s just a lovely place to visit. The first two times, I stayed at a sprawling resort-style hotel right by the Thames, surrounded by pastures. I had a view of a field of horses and a small duck pond right outside my window, which made for a rather interesting view during sex! And I enjoyed using the hotel pool, running along the river, and being able to walk up to the lovely Head of the River pub. However, the hotel is on the wrong side of the town centre for gents approaching from the A40 and they struggled with the traffic. So, in December I tried another hotel – a lovely place – up closer to the A40. I think I’ll continue to go to that side of town in the future. I hope to tour Oxford again this spring.

Pub Oxford Escort Incalls Tour
A lovely place to take a break on a sunny afternoon.

I have also gone to Glasgow three times in the past year. I used to live in Scotland, in a suburb of Glasgow, and it was wonderful to go back. The first time I stayed in a nice hotel next to Glasgow Central train station. The second two times, I went with a friend of mine and we shared a serviced apartment. I loved touring with my friend. Not only was it nice to have someone to talk to between bookings, I felt much safer working into the evening with her there. I know some men are nervous about visiting a girl if there is someone else there with them, but I warned them all in advance and assured them that while there was another girl, they would not encounter any other men. They all seemed fine with it. However, the apartments we used are managed by a very shady outfit and the flats, themselves, were pretty grim. I mean, they looked OK to the casual visitor but there were issues with the intercoms, with the heat, there was no wifi, and we even had to be moved because one of their flats had no hot water. My friend recently returned on her own and arrived to discover they’d lost her reservation and she still hasn’t gotten a refund on her deposit. We have resolved never to return those particular flats but I’m not sure where else we will go if we want to share a two-bedroom. We shall see! (In the meantime, she and I are going to visit Essex together in early March.)

Glasgow tour, independent escort in Glasgow, MILF, Mature escort
Glasgow is a great town for escorts.

Other places I have visited have included Liverpool, York, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Basingstoke, Huddersfield, and Bristol. Of all of those, I want to return to Bristol most. I found it a lovely city and I liked the people I met there. However, it’s quite a distance away and I’m not sure when I’ll get down there. I may combine it with a pleasure trip to see a gig and justify it that way. Hopefully this summer.

I’ve grown to love touring, even though I still have a lot to learn. For example: I could get a lot better at packing. In spite of having a massive Samsonite packed to bursting, I still wish I had more space for all my toys and sexy lingerie. Add to that the need for some “civilian clothes” and my ever-growing collection of sex toys, and it’s quite a challenge!

You can see my upcoming tour schedule here, and if you would like to be alerted to any upcoming tours, as well as any new blog posts, you can subscribe to updates in the subscription box over there on the left. I promise not to spam you, other than alerting you to new tours and blog posts. I would never text or call a client out of the blue, but this is a way of letting you know when I’m in town.

Mature Escort in London, Independent Escort in Glasgow, American escort in Oxford,
Bags packed – full of toys and sexy lingerie!

(This is the personal website of Manchester Independent Escort Kimberly C, a mature American MILF based in Manchester who also tours such UK cities as London, Glasgow, and Oxford.)

Huddled up in Huddersfield

It’s occurred to me that for every gentleman who finds my Manchester City Centre incall flat convenient, there are probably two who would rather have their toenails pulled out than deal with the traffic in the city.

So, I’ve been considering moving to another location, somewhere out by the M62 or M60, and I had a look around at places to sample what that might be like. Huddersfield isn’t far from my home and I had a look to see what sorts of hotels there were – found one right by Junction 24 that looked very fit for purpose and got it for three nights very cheap as I had two free nights from Another working girl I know in the area had told me that she gets more business from Vivastreet than Adultwork, so I went ahead and bought a month, paying extra for the privilege of moving my postcode (Which will come in handy as I’m visiting Essex in early April!)

Wednesday morning, just before I left, my Lovehoney ordered was delivered:

anal play, anal vibrator, sex toys, escort, tour
Yay! New Toys!

As I said the other day, I adore sex toys and I had been wanting some new ones. The bright pink vibrating dildo is for clients to use on me – I find my regular hard plastic bullet isn’t comfortable when wielded by another hand as it’s a bit too rigid and feels “pinchy.” This feels great and I know that men love to watch it go in and out of my pussy. In the silver wrappers are two new vibrating cock rings, a very versatile toy that I am never without, and then you see the purple vibrating butt-plug… I love my own silver remote-control bullet so much that I though someone else might enjoy it the sensation, as well. The flared base and power cord means that it will stay in and yet can’t get pulled inside the rectum. I’ve tried it and I have to say that I’m very impressed with some of the varying pulse settings. I threw all of these purchases into my suitcase without editing what was already there and so I brought with me all of this:

vibrator, butt plug, dildo, toys, tour, escort
And yet I still want more toys…

The hotel was exactly as I’d expected – a large, sprawling conference centre with a busy lobby full of businessmen. The room was perfectly nice and fit for purpose and I quickly settled in to take bookings.

Unfortunately, I was suffering from “New Girl Syndrome” – that’s when you’re brand new in a location and every nutter in town calls because none of the local girls will give them the time of day. I know to expect this and so I was gamely wading through them, utilising my phone’s “block” feature, when I got caught out by a guy who called to book. Oh, but he got me good! I don’t generally like to tell anyone which hotel I am in until they have booked, and then not which room I am in until they have arrived and are standing outside the hotel. But he caught me off guard by saying that he was attending a conference in the same hotel and could be with me in fifteen minutes. So, I gave him my room number. Twenty minutes later, no sign of the man so I called him. He answered and told me that he’d gone to his room to take a shower and would be “about five minutes” and that was the last I ever heard off him. It is very unsettling to know that someone out there knows what room you are in with no idea who or where they are. I had to go to reception and concoct a good reason to be moved to another room. Such a faff to pack up all those toys! And I learned a valuable lesson about seeing men who are staying in the same hotel AND giving my room number to someone that I wasn’t certain was actually on their way to me. Some girls have men call when they get off the lift and describe what they can see before giving the number. I’m not sure I’m willing to go that far but I think I may if I have any more tense moments.

I did have another nice booking that evening but the combination of goofy phone calls and that creepy guy not showing up wearied me and I was content to turn in early. First days on tour are always a bit hit-and-miss.

Thursday was much better and my new toys got a lot of use. There were still some oddballs calling but I also met quite a few lovely gentlemen. I had some down time and took some selfies to see how I liked my new lipstick (Urban Decay Bolt):

Manchester Escort, Huddersfield, Hotel, Incall, MILF
This black slip also came in that Lovehoney order!

I went to bed confident that I would have an even better day on Friday.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. I did have a lovely booking in the morning with a sexy gentleman from London but the next several hours were spent taking bookings and then cancellations. One after the other, they would call, book, and then a few minutes later, cancel. The primary stumbling block was that I was staying in a hotel. I can understand that some men are nervous about visiting an escort for an incall in a hotel, but I made it very clear in my advertising that that was where I was. Several men asked me, “So, how does it work, exactly?” Had they never stayed in a hotel? It’s really very simple – you walk in and go to the room and then an hour or so later you walk out. I wrote about visiting an escort in a hotel before, and there really is nothing to worry about. I have been doing this for a while, now, and there has never been a problem. But if someone is nervous there’s really nothing I can say that will make them see that.

I spent the afternoon working on this website – as you can see, I have added an email subscription form. Exactly what I will do with it I am not yet entirely sure. I was thinking sending out emails whenever my tour schedule updates. Possibly updates on new blog posts but I wouldn’t want to be too spammy so I think new tour information whenever there’s a change in that, with links to any recent blog posts, would be more than enough. I’m often asked when I will be back in London or Oxford or Glasgow, and I am also asked to save someone’s phone number to let them know when I am back. Well, I don’t believe in texting out of the blue and I don’t have any systems to do that, but perhaps email would be a workable solution.

In the evening, I did finally have another couple of fantastic bookings with truly delightful men – one of whom made me cum very hard with my new pink vibrating dildo and the other of whom experienced one of his most intense orgasms ever with the help of one of the vibrating cock rings.

In between I studied a bit of Spanish in preparation for my holiday next week – I am going to Spain for the first time. Although Spanish is not the first language of Barcelona, I am assured that even the native Catalan speakers will speak Spanish with tourists and I am excited to see how well I do. I started studying on Boxing Day with the goal of learning as much as possible in only eight weeks. I am able to say a fair amount of things in the future and present tenses and can say some things in the past tense. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope to have lots of photos and pictures to share here.

I didn’t have the greatest tour of my life but I am glad I gave it a go. February is not the best month of the year for many industries and I am sure if I return later in the year it will be even better.

MILF, Manchester Escort, Tour
KimberlyC – independent mature Manchester escort on tour

(This is the personal website of Mature Manchester Escort KimberlyC. I am an independent MILF who entertains gentlemen in Manchester City Centre, as well as touring – with my toys – to such locations as London, Glagsow, Oxford, and now Huddersfield.)

Never too Old to Play with Toys… some of my favourites so far

Even though I’m a mature escort, I still love to play with toys. At least, I love them in the bedroom. Over the past year or two I’ve purchased quite a few and amassed quite a box of sex toys. I’ve got some firm favorites.

I prefer sex toys that can be used during intercourse – adding sensation to even the most basic positions. This usually means something small and vibrating. I really love those little jelly vibrating cock rings that you can find anywhere that sells condoms:

cock ring, vibrator, toys, escort, mature escort
I buy these from Lovehoney

These are great because I can use them to turn any man into my own, personal sex toy. They’re very stretchy and soft so they’re comfortable for him, and when I’m riding in cowgirl it’s fun to grind my clit against the vibrator for my own greedy pleasure. They’re also versatile enough to be used in multiples – extras wrapped around the balls so that the scrotum gets a buzz. I’ve even stuck a couple up inside myself when he wasn’t looking so that he’d get a surprise when he penetrated me!

But my all-time favourite sex toy would have to be this little guy:

escort with toys, vibrator, anal
My favorite sex toy. Although small for its size it can be enjoyed by more than one person simultaneously…

I like to insert it in my bum while riding a cock cowgirl, making me feel so full and horny in my bottom whilst making my pussy vibrate for his pleasure, as well.

When I saw this toy I simply had to have it:

finger vibrator, toys, escort,
The most expensive toy I own

That’s the JimmyJane Hello Touch – a vibrator you wear on your fingertips. It is fantastic for massaging the balls during oral or for an oily wank.

I also have toys that I can use on you. Some men like anal play and want to be gently penetrated with a small vibrator, so I always have a few of these sorts of things:

vibrator, toys, anal play, anal, escort
Can’t have too many vibrators!

An important note about anal play: I am scrupulously clean. All of my toys are cleaned after each use and disinfected with Dettol. Furthermore, anything that will be inserted into you will first be covered with a condom. So you never have to worry about hygiene during a booking with me.

I have a handful of other bits and bobs, such as underbed restraints for tie-and-tease, a satin blindfold, some tickling feather, etc. I have all of my toys available when I am doing incalls in Manchester, but I only take my favourites – like the ones pictured here – when I go on tour. A week in London or Oxford or Glasgow requires an awful lot of sexy clothes and lingerie but I will always make room for my favourite toys.

Here’s what I’ve brought on tour with me this week in Huddersfield (including a brand-new big pink jelly vibrator and a butt-plug with remote-control vibrator):

vibrator, butt plug, dildo, toys, tour, escort
And yet I still want more…

And finally, just for fun, is a photo of a Magic 8-ball butt plug:

anal play, toys, escort, butt plug, London, Oxford, Glasgow,
(No, I don’t own this. But I do have a couple of basic ones!)

(This is the personal website of KimberlyC: an American Independent Manchester Escort who tours to London, Glasgow, Oxford, and other UK cities. This MILF loves sex toys and adores men!)

sex toys, vibrators, independent escort, mature escort
A variety of vibrators – I wish I could buy them all!

Booking An Escort via SMS Text

Quite a few escorts will not take bookings via text or even reply to texts at all. Adultwork even puts the words “calls from withheld numbers and SMS messages will be ignored” into every profile. Well, that’s a bit presumptuous of Adultwork: while I do ignore withheld numbers, the truth is I am perfectly happy to take bookings via text. I have found that I can screen almost as well via text as I can over the phone. It’s better over the phone because you can get a sense of the personality from the warmth of someone’s voice, but a good text can be almost as useful.

So, what is a good text, then?

Very simple: a good text contains my name, your name, standard English, punctuation, and a direct question about a specific time. For example:

Hello, Kim. Are you available today for an hour’s incall at 2pm? Bill.

It’s that easy! I’m already keen to meet Bill! Now, I may still have a couple of questions for Bill,just to clarify things, but I feel pretty confident that Bill and I are going to get along great.

What if a text has most of the above elements, but not all? For example:

“Hi. Are you available today? Bill”

OK, Bill is still being polite and using standard English with punctuation. He’s even signing his name. However, he is not being specific about what he wants. Also, he isn’t addressing me by name – not necessarily a problem but Bill may have sent out a dozen texts to a dozen different girls, so that when I answer he may reply with, “Which one are you?” Bill might not be sure who he’s booking and then doesn’t remember all the details about my services and rates. Hmmm… Yes, I am available today (or else my phone would be turned off) but now I have to play text ping-pong to find out what time he wants, etc. I am likely to reply to this with:

“Hello, yes. I am available from 12pm until 9pm. What time are you looking for and for how long?”

Now, Bill either replies with a specific time or he doesn’t. If he follows up with:

“Whereabouts are you located?”

I’m going to start to get a bit frustrated. For one thing, all of my advertising is fairly clear on where I am located – because I want to make it easy for Bill! So at this point I will say:

“I’m at **postcode** – please call me if you would like to make a booking.”

I’m done texting Bill. I’m still not convinced that Bill, although capable of using standard English with punctuation, won’t be annoying in person so I’d like to hear his voice before going any further. If Bill is serious about a booking, he will call me.

If I think someone sounds potentially nice but I’m not sure, then I will simply ask them to call me.

Here are some examples – a real ones – of the sort of texts I just ignore:

“u workin?”

“whats ur address?”

“hey babe you available today?”

I have to wonder, does anybody accept bookings from these guys? Who would just give their address to someone they know absolutely nothing about? I suspect the only times those texts work is when someone other than the escort (ie a pimp) is handling her phones for her!

I’m pretty sure that anybody who is bothering to read this would not send texts like that. But you may well benefit from the advice to use: the escort’s name, your own name, punctuation, and direct questions as I’m sure many other escorts are the same as me when it comes to screening.

So, if you want to book an independent escort in a hurry, perhaps from the privacy of your office, with no need for indiscreet phone conversations, keep these tips in mind!

independent escort Manchester London Oxford Glasgow Mature Escort
independent escort Manchester London Oxford Glasgow Mature Escort

The above is a photo of me just overcome with joy at having received a polite, to-the-point text from Bill.

Trying out some new advertising

In the past, I have blogged about my experiences with some of the escort directories in the UK. For a long time I have been saying that I need to get out of the Adultwork rut: it’s too easy to become over-reliant on AW. AW is by far the busiest escort directory in the UK and it is absolutely possible to make your living advertising solely on that site. However, if the website goes down, then what do we all do?

Also, it is not unheard of for someone’s profile to simply be removed from Adultwork for what may seem to be spurious reasons. The reasons are not spurious to AW, who has the unenviable task of trying to weed out as many scammers as possible, but because they are so overwhelmed, they don’t have the time to fully research every complaint about every profile. For example, it is against the AW rules to use your main photos anywhere else on the Internet. Unfortunately, scammers will steal photos and put them elsewhere either on their own fake profiles or in order to make a wannabe new directory look as if it is full of good information. So, your photos end up somewhere else without your knowledge and AW just suspends your profile. You then have to grovel to get it back.

There are SO MANY directories out there, and it can be hard to figure which ones are worth the time and money to advertise on. I have two methods to try and do this. One is to ask friends where they advertise. This is sometimes helpful but since every girl is different, not entirely reliable. Another is to Google things like “Mature Escorts in Manchester” or “Independent Escorts in London.” Amid all of the agency sites, there will be several directories and one can assume that at least some clients are going to find the same places.

I have spent a lot of my time today attempting to add myself to various directories, focusing primarily on the ones that are either free or very inexpensive. Thus far that has been BackPage (who are now back with a workaround to their legal problem accepting credit cards), Pleasure To Meet You, AdultZone,, and Ace Massage. There may be a couple of other ones in there, as well, but I am honestly not sure! They start to blur together after a while.

My experience with Adultzone has been particularly positive: their prices are very reasonable and their customer service via email is great. Sharon helped me link my website to my advert very quickly. And, I have to say that not only do I get calls from Adultzone, the gentlemen who call me always tell me which website they found me on. It can be a real headache to try and keep track of where calls are coming from, as a lot of my callers don’t seem to know exactly which web sites they’ve looked at. Like I said, they can all blur together – but somehow Adultzone manages to stand out.

You can check it out here:

The easiest site to use is – Pleasure To Meet You is somehow connected to Vivastreet and is absolutely free. The layout is just lovely and easy to navigate for both service providers and service seekers. You can update your information quickly and it automatically zips to the top of the page. My friend in London says it works well for her but I haven’t had any bookings from it, myself. However, since it’s free and easy, I do refresh my profile regularly.

The one I am holding back on for now is VivaStreet. VivaStreet is a big, busy site that has done a fine job of marketing themselves on billboards and have gotten themselves to the top of Google. But nearly every girl I know who advertised on Viva has found it to be a bit of a nightmare because of the caliber of clients who call – that is to say oddballs who ask creepy questions or want to haggle over rates. I may get three dozen calls before accepting a booking. And they are expensive compared to most other sites. That said, they do get the phone ringing and I really cannot fault their customer service. I will probably try them again in the near future.

KimberlyC Manchester Escort Independent Escort Mature Escort
KimberlyC Manchester Escort Independent Escort Mature Escort

Herein lies the paragraph for the search engines:

In this paragraph I say a bunch of stuff about the fact that I am an independent escort in Manchester, as well as the fact that I am a mature escort who is (sometimes) in London, and just generally an American call-girl who provides incalls and outcalls and that sort of thing.

Visiting an Escort in a Hotel

Although I am a Manchester mature escort, I am also a touring escort. When I go on tour I usually stay in clean, comfortable discreet hotels. While you may prefer to visit a girl in the privacy of her own home, this isn’t feasible for touring escorts. Serviced apartments can work in some situations but hotels feel safer for many women touring on their own. (Not to mention the convenience of unlimited bedding and towels!)

Manchester mature escort always selects clean, comfortable hotels for incalls

There are many advantages to visiting a girl who is working from a hotel. For one thing, you can feel confident that there will be a hot, lovely shower with clean towels for you to use. You know that it won’t be some dodgy house or flat with unseen people lurking in the kitchen. Assuming it’s a decent hotel, you can feel safe parking your car and walking to and from your car. Nobody wants a problem in a semi-public space so the odds of something dodgy or dangerous happening are very low.

I know that some gentlemen are uncomfortable visiting an escort in a hotel. There are two main reasons for this:

1. They think that everybody is looking at them and knows what they are doing.
2. They live and work close by and are worried they’ll be seen entering a hotel by someone who knows them.

Reason number 2 is perfectly understandable. If you are seen by someone who knows you entering a hotel on a Tuesday afternoon, they may wonder what you’re doing. Even though you could be there for a meeting or a meal in the restaurant, it could possibly bring up questions if someone else there on business sees you entering the lift to the rooms. You should probably avoid hotels right on your own doorstep.

Reason number 1 isn’t uncommon, but it isn’t really rational. The truth is, nobody really cares what other people are doing unless they are behaving unusually. Walking through a hotel lobby and taking a lift to the rooms is so common that it won’t be noticed by anyone. The employees are busy with their jobs and really aren’t paying attention to people coming and going. If you feel as if they may greet you and offer assistance, then all you have to do is hold your mobile phone up to your ear, pretending to speak to someone, as you stride confidently towards the lifts.

Some people worry about CCTV in hotels. The truth is, nobody is watching. They only go and look if there is a problem, after the fact. To some extent, this may act as a deterrent for people who may wish to make trouble and so escorts feel a bit safer about meeting strangers intimately. But if the hotel is paying attention and has an issue with the activities of consenting adults, then it would be the escort who suffers the brunt of this. Let me put it this way: I and many of my friends have worked from hotel rooms many times and we have never had any issues with management. If I haven’t had any problems, why would you?

Manchester mature escort always has plenty of clean towels
Plenty of clean, fresh towels…

When I say that I am staying in a clean, comfortable, and discreet hotel what I mean is a modern, large, busy hotel. The discretion lies in the anonymity of a big, busy lobby. The most suitable hotels have restaurants, conference centres, possibly even health spas so that lots of people are going in all directions. A quiet little place with nobody in the lobby but the concierge is NOT discreet! Quite the opposite.

That said, there are a few points of etiquette that you may wish to keep in mind:

1. I and every escort I know will ask you to call when you arrive at the hotel from outside the hotel. (Some girls may text the room but I won’t and neither will my friends. We would prefer to speak to you and tell you verbally which room we’re in.) You do not need to speak to the front desk and ask for the escort. Don’t call from the lobby next to the reception desk – always call from outside the hotel, either from the car park or just outside the doors.

2. Be patient when you call for a booking regarding the name of the hotel. We are not going to tell you exactly where we are until we have had a chance to talk to you and make sure that we are a good match for you. Some may ask you to call from a nearby landmark while others will tell you the hotel to go to. But we won’t tell you where we are right off the bat!

If you think you know where we are, don’t lead with a guess. “Hi! I assume you’re at the Excalibur!” Well, maybe I am and maybe I am not. But I don’t want to confirm anything until I have verified that we should meet. Even if I am in the only hotel in town, I am not going to tell you before we’ve established a booking. You don’t win any prizes for guessing correctly so just leave it alone. Trust us! We want you to get to us on time and unflustered so have faith that we will tell you everything you need to know when you need to know it.

And if you are staying in the same hotel… well, you probably shouldn’t say so. I, and many girls I know, would rather avoid another guest in the same hotel. If you suspect a girl is in the same hotel as you, and this doesn’t make YOU uneasy, then just book her without saying anything about where you are. You may be glad you did – discretion works both ways!

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